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Thanks for taking part in our launch. Now that you’ve tried Kickstand out, please tell us what you think of it.


Great idea, but does not work well for my iPhone 3G - the phone is thicker than the iP4 I believe, and it sits too upright in the stand to the point that it tips forward in “portrait” orientation.  (It will not even keep from falling fwd in “landscape” orientation.)  I suspect if I trip some off the top rearward portion of the curved part, I can make it work.  I could bend it back, but I think the polypro will “remember” where it was and bend back…

BTW - I appreciate the design thought in the label - nicely done. One thought is that you could make it 1/4” longer (on the back), and put a small 7mm QR code on there that would allow folks to easily get to your website or product page (for instance, for the friend who sees this product and wants one for themselves…)

Also, I used to be in the injection molding & extrusion business a long time ago, so I know that $9.95 (even if you are buying the most expensive virgin) is kinda spendy.  I think you will find $4.95 a better price point for moving volumes of them. 

There’s a lot of “white label” opportunities for this product, too.

My $.02 - kDavid


Great to hear from you:

* The Kickstand was designed for the iPhone 4 and it’s a total bonus that it works with other phones and models. It does not hold the 3Gs well horizontally, but does vertically.

* The retail price is $4.99

* Good idea on the QR code!

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