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Kickstand™ holds your phone while you watch videos or read. Simple, lightweight, and practically indestructible.

Kickstand™ started shipping from in April 2011 and cost $4.99. They are Made in the USA.


Kickstands™ are on sale and shipping from for $3.00.

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Kickstand is Patented and Trademarked. Made in the USA.

About Kickstand


We know Kickstand will hold an Phone 4 with bumper because that’s what we designed it to do. During our soft launch at SXSW 11, we also found it’ll hold a Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy, and a variety of cases. Check the Kickstand photoset for photos of the holder in use and on the road with us.

We haven’t tested every possible phone/case combination, but if you want to try it and tell us, please do. We’ll refund your purchase and shipping if it doesn’t hold your gadget.

iPhone 5

Kickstand supports the iPhone 5 in landscape mode only. It’s too tall and tippy in portrait and will fall over. We’re working on an updated version.