GWR: Longest Manual

After that balance bike act, how ‘bout a Guiness World Record for Longest Bicycle Manual? Yep, the longest manual on a bicycle is 338.9 m (1,111.87 ft) and was achieved by Harry Denton (New Zealand), at Nelson Airport, Nelson, New Zealand, on 9 December 2015. GWR Shared it today.

Balance Bike

And you thought your cargo bike handling skills were good? This father’s are the best and do double duty as playtime with the kids.

Tidal Wave Trail Deer Valley

An edit from one of my all-time fav places to ride: Deer Valley Bike Park and the Tidal Wave. I’ll be there with words and photos to follow next month.

World Championship Skid

Think we can agree the sport needs to reinvent itself and may I suggest skidding! Like this!

That GIF is from the Mens Tandem at the 1993 Track World Championships in Norway. More than 20 years ago. Learn more about track racing from the UCI.

Bike to Work Day 16

Secretary of State Kerry and the tweet of the day.

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