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Sachs Book

Photo: Nick Czerula via Slate app.

In 2012, Nick Czerula made a book about bicycle maker Richard Sachs. For a limited time, he’s made itavailable online via the Adobe Slate app.

It’s beautiful.

For more on Sachs from us, see Classic Richard Sachs and Celeb Framebuilder Swears off Award Shows.

Battle of the Safeties

Mark V

Today we’re debating road disc, tire widths, and blinding each other at night on the path with bright lights – safety just came up too with the RedBull Rampage. Back then, in the olden times, it was the Battle of the Safeties:

Cartoon depicts the looming battle between Safety Bicycles and Safety Ordinaries like the Kangaroo. Artist G. Moore makes it clear who the winner will be.

The Kangaroo was a short penny farthing that put the cyclist’s head at much less risk of an endo and as we know, the safety bicycle won, and has been relatively unchanged ever since.

In the first issue of our magazine, Mark V wrote a Brief History of Major Road Bike Innovations and it’s available on iTunes and the Web.

At the beginning of the 20th century, road bikes had already assumed the basic shape that we recognize today, the “safety bicycle.” The rider sits behind the steering axis, pedals/cranks driving the rear wheel through a drivetrain, usually employing gearwheels and a chain.

Source: G. Moore | Canada Science and Technology Museum via Google Cultural Institute.

White Industries Rocket 88

White Industries Rocket 88

Meanwhile in the shop, Mark V has been kitting out an old Sannino road frame to make it fit Eroica regulations, i.e. resembling pre-1987. But can’t bring himself to spend good money on eBay for 7sp freewheels. So he snagged a set of White Industries Rocket 88 hubs (early ’90s). 32hole is the Eroica minimum, and rims no taller than 20mm. Mark has been working on the Sannino since the summer and in Issue 24 shared a gallery of the progress to date.

Men’s Sprint Gold Final

Fantastic bit of riding at the Men’s Sprint Gold Final during Track Cycling World Cup in Cali, Colombia. Note the backwards hop to get unboxed.

To Catch a Bike Thief

Woodinville Bicycle collects donations for the Village Bicycle Project. They store the donated bikes in front of the shop under a canopy. The thief decided he was going to try and grab one, without any luck, AND the police station is across the street. Wait for it, after the thief dangles….

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