The Weather and Dogs Wearing Hats


The first six weeks I lived in Seattle, didn’t know the Olympics were there. Then, like today, the clouds lifted. They’re usually not rolling with so much might, but our climate is changing. Looked like Wizard of Oz clouds. While shooting them, the dog walked by and is our official neighborhood weather indicator:

  • Green Jacket = Misty Morning
  • Green Jacket with Hat = Rain with the possibility of wind
  • Green jacket Hat off = Rain has passed, warming up.

Dog in a Hat

And later today I’ll dress accordingly for the ride. Good thing fabric tech is keeping up with the climate. On a sunny summer day, the dog has just a leash on and this one glorious afternoon he ran around without one!

A dog in a hat isn’t that uncommon for cyclists, Joe Parkin wrote a book about one.

Read more about riding in the Pacific Northwest in our magazine and last weekend we were soaked through and through.

Old Flatland Stars

After yesterday’s short edit from Instagram, 24K upload the rest of the BMX Flatlander video from The LINQ. Not sure how they arrived there or who brought them in, but a bunch of Vegas shows employ the old Flatland stars, and the shows are a crowd favorite. That’s their retirement tour, they end up in Vegas doing the same five tricks every night.

Pretty good bike gig.

Bikes vs Cars On Demand

Bikes vs Cars, the bike advocacy film that premiered with us earlier this year during SXSW is now available on demand via Vimeo. Mixed reviews have followed it’s international review, but it’s worth a watch, and just for the point of view, and to boo Rob Ford!

Huggacast Shorts: Totally PRO

Considering how many racers I’ve seen crash putting jackets on or taking them off, the skills here are even more impressive.

Soaked Through and Through

As shared on Twitter yesterday, that had to be the wettest and grimiest ride of 15. If scientists are looking for more evidence of climate change, just ask any cyclist that rode yesterday.


I’d enter this photo as evidence in the court of public opinion of why we’re running discs in the Pacific Northwest. My disc bikes don’t have fenders yet, cause I haven’t been riding much, but in the new year the Boone will.


Also, for more on what we’re wearing in the wet and cold, see Issue 30; including the prevailing style of slick booties….

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