Cigar Break during the Giro, 1948


Film poster from the time

Totò al Giro d’ Italia is an Italian comedy released in 1948 when cycling was very popular. A Faustian bargain is made with a professor who will marry a beauty contest winner, only if he wins the Giro. At one point in the film, the racers wonder how they professor is doing so well, what was his secret, and having seen him smoking a cigar, at the start of the next stage they all began to smoke.

In the scene ,legends Coppi and Bartali puff on huge Tuscan cigars.


Coppi smoking a huge cigar

Read a review of the movie in Italian and see a clip on YouTube.

As Seen on Instragram: Nois7

Platform to Platform

Platform to Platform

The surreal work of Robert Jahns includes BMXers in the sky.

Lift off

Flatland freestyle in the sky

Flatland freestyle in the Sky

Huggacast Shorts: A Minute of Sea Otter

Our Sea Otter favs in a minute edit.

San Jose Bike Party and Blinking Man

Like Blinking Man and our Mobile Socials, the San Jose Bike Party is about food, music, fun and, of course, bicycles. Stanford Journalism reports from San Jose ride in the video above and Nite Walk is in Vegas.

Tonight, a mere half block from my memories, I am blinking along with around 300 others now, surrounded by all manner of bicycle art, streamers, blinkers, wrapped neon, flags and reflectors. Large disco light towers are dumped into an attached carriage and flash to the rhythms of the music. One bicycle is covered with a real ram’s skull and full skeleton, another looks like Strawberry Shortcake puked rainbows all over it. There are low rider bikes, high rider bikes, scooters, mopeds, tricycles, mountain bikes, racing bikes and more.

The Foil Sails


The Foil slices wind like light through night

As I wrote in Issue 11 of our magazine, this bike made me late for dinner. TWICE.

On it, I take the long way home, caught up in those sought-after rouleur moments, when you catch a tailwind, and the Foil sails.

Read more about the Foil and see the gallery in our magazine and on G+.

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