Tour de France

Our take on the the Tour brought to you fresh by the original Clip-n-Seal.

SRAM HydroR at the Tour

SRAM RED 22 Hydro R (hydraulic rim brakes) was raced for the first time at the Tour. I mentioned that earlier with a post about Cav’s bike. Since then, SRAM dispatched a team to the Tour to document the event. We’ve got Hydro R installed on a bike and riding it now. See my initial review when I rode it in SoCal.

Writing from the Tour SRAM said

After we received acceptance from the sports governing body in June, it was obvious that SRAM RED 22 featuring hydraulic road rim brakes could and should be raced as soon as possible, and our professional teams emphatically agreed. The best opportunity to for Twenty-two HydroR installations were during the Tour’s second week. SRAM staff were joined by team mechanics from both Saxo-Tinkoff Team and Omega Pharma-Quick-Step Pro Cycling Team in SRAM’s German headquarters, where two full days of bike builds and technical training took place.

What SRAM RED 22 does is deliver a wider and smoother gear ratio, including the 16. Yep that’s another click in your drivetrain with an 11x26. As I’ve been describing HydroR to cyclists that ask, you know how you brake in a car? A little toe tap here and there and sometimes a full press when needed? Same thing with HydroR and that’s the bigger innovation than an 11-speed or arguably shifting with servo motors. In the simplest terms, you have far more control, modulation, and confidence with hydraulic brakes. It’s a slight or hard pull when needed.

SRAM has equipped Specialized Venges & Tarmac SL4s with HyrdoR at the Tour and see this gallery of the bikes in France. SRAM-sponsored Tour racers have the choice to ride the new kit and are expected to do so for more stages, including the 21st into Paris.

Vive le Tour - Refueling

A 3 minute excerpt from Vive le Tour, a 1962 film by Louis Malle. They ate mostly fruit, rice, and carbohydrates.

None of those powders we’re marketed and sold today.

F Yeah Rest Day at the Tour

ORICA GreenEDGE rocks an AC/DC Tribute on the rest day of the TDF. Our coverage of the tour is on Suffer Faces.

This team does rock.

Sagan’s Green Machine at the Tour

Ride a stage like that, doing everything right, and you get the win like Sagan did today on the Hulk, his green machine. Here’s his bike, how it was painted, and built up from Cannondale on YouTube

I rode a Cdale Evo earlier this year at a SRAM media event introducing their new Hydro road rim and disc brakes. That was the bike that I took hot into the corners, tapped the brakes, and flew out the other side.

Can assure you these work to bring a rider to an on-the-dime stop at a light or on a twenty percent drop before a hard left into S-curves at 40 mph.


Cdale Evo with Hydro

The post about Hydro brakes is also included for free in the sample issue of our new Magazine.

Hydro Rim Brakes at the Tour

Cavs goes fast

A Venge with Hydro R

Haven’t heard if Hydro Rim brakes helped Cavs in the Tour’s crash yesterday, but that he’s riding them is news and a win for SRAM. We got the PR and this photo of his bike on Friday.

I reviewed and fully approved of HRR earlier this year and on Tuesday will attend a clinic, building up a bike with RED 22 HRR. That post about Hydro brakes, and much more, is also bundled for free with our new magazine for iOS.

Where SRAM’s new “22” groups are a response to their competitors—it’s Red 2012 with another click— Hydro is the story. The development in brakes is an engineering statement that’s as much about SRAM as a company as how bikes stop. This is the company who brought us GripShift, fought for years to break up how drivetrains were sold, and now is moving the market with a break-through product that again challenges a conventional market lacking a major jump forward.

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