Tour de France

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Sagan’s Green Machine at the Tour

Ride a stage like that, doing everything right, and you get the win like Sagan did today on the Hulk, his green machine. Here’s his bike, how it was painted, and built up from Cannondale on YouTube

I rode a Cdale Evo earlier this year at a SRAM media event introducing their new Hydro road rim and disc brakes. That was the bike that I took hot into the corners, tapped the brakes, and flew out the other side.

Can assure you these work to bring a rider to an on-the-dime stop at a light or on a twenty percent drop before a hard left into S-curves at 40 mph.


Cdale Evo with Hydro

The post about Hydro brakes is also included for free in the sample issue of our new Magazine.

Hydro Rim Brakes at the Tour

Cavs goes fast

A Venge with Hydro R

Haven’t heard if Hydro Rim brakes helped Cavs in the Tour’s crash yesterday, but that he’s riding them is news and a win for SRAM. We got the PR and this photo of his bike on Friday.

I reviewed and fully approved of HRR earlier this year and on Tuesday will attend a clinic, building up a bike with RED 22 HRR. That post about Hydro brakes, and much more, is also bundled for free with our new magazine for iOS.

Where SRAM’s new “22” groups are a response to their competitors—it’s Red 2012 with another click— Hydro is the story. The development in brakes is an engineering statement that’s as much about SRAM as a company as how bikes stop. This is the company who brought us GripShift, fought for years to break up how drivetrains were sold, and now is moving the market with a break-through product that again challenges a conventional market lacking a major jump forward.

The Great American Tour Heist


Robbed the tour like an old-timey train – Movie poster LOC, 1896

As it was told to me by and industry insider

Another perspective, instead of an athletic morals failure story, is that the Lance Doping Era was the Great American Tour Heist. Stupid bike racers fooled everyone, stole Le Tour’s Money, got rich, famous.

That’s a movie I’d like to see, like the a train robbery or Oceans 11. Remember, these aren’t Wall Street, Ivy League corporate raiders, math geeks in a casino, or dotcommers, but bike racers.

Some of the stupidest people you’ll ever meet are bike racers and they made millions.

Tour de France Recap: Ride Britannia Ride

The gold chains were dangling at Le Tour this year.

gold chains

Dangling bling, bling

Fans were naked and crazy

with some flying eddies

with a couple flying eddies covering the junk

Voekler rocked it

Lick it up

Lick it Up

and then this happened.


Pull that radio out of your head and go!

That screenshot summarizes a frustratingly boring Tour that ended with Wiggo winning. The course suited him, many rivals in the mountains we’re taken out (45 abandons) or not there, and we debated on social networks that it’s not just the win, but the manner in which the race is won. I said

Meaning, besides the outward stoicism, suspect Wiggo is infinitely more complex. If Sky signs with Specialized next year and works more closely with Mclaren, expect a dynasty too. Listen to him in this presser. He responds to the question of being boring and lacking panache. Also listen to us debating the Tour on the Fredcast Spokesmen.

Finally, from the NYT, how Britain conquered the cycling world

Before the British came to dominate track cycling, before the Olympic medal haul of 2008, before the velodrome sold out faster than any site for the London Games, there was “E.T.” The movie inspired Chris Hoy’s foray into cycling. He started in BMX and later moved onto the track and won three golds at the Beijing Games. Afterward, he was knighted — joining Sir Elton John, Sir Alfred Hitchcock and Sir Isaac Newton — for riding a bicycle around a wooden track.

Screenshots are from NBC’s coverage of the tour with a mod’d Getty Image of Tour fans via Daylife.

Vive le Tour in 1962 and Now

Louis Malle loved bike racing and his short film shows that, “Then and now, it’s not a bourgeois sport.”

HT a Paris State of Mind.

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