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Froome Trends After The Tour

Froome testing

Photo: Esquire UK

Froome has been trending for about 14 hours with Esquire publishing his back story, defiance of haters, and his performance test results. Those that believe and totally don’t are further entrenched, and he’s as unlikeable a Tour leader as ever, with his just trust-me marketing campaign. Well, of course we don’t and shouldn’t; especially, the media that was too scared of Lance to share what they knew or suspected during his 7 wins.

As Ross Tucker writes, what’s missing from this “big reveal,” is how Froome went from good to a Tour-dominating great. The years where he shed 15 pounds and transformed from a rouleur into a skeletal, Gollum seeking his precious, the yellow jersey, on mountain stages.

Same power, similar VO2, lower mass, predictions confirmed.

In our Tour issue from earlier this year, Nathan Wright wrote about how we’ve seen this script before, and using a music analogy said, “We Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

I witnessed Richie Porte smile as he upped the pace and Contador and Nibali popped off the back. I watched as Chris Froome accelerated 7 kilometers from the finish and gained time all the way to the line. He did it with the fast cadence and apparent ease not seen since in the Tour since 2005. I saw Richie Porte reel in Nario Quintana, one of the best climbers in the peloton, and drop him within sight of the line. I remained glued to the screen in disbelief as Sky’s Classics rider Geraint Thomas finished 6th on the stage.

All of these performances mirror those of Armstrong, Robert Heras, George Hincapie and other known drug cheats that rode in service of Armstrong on US Postal Service squad. Stage 10 was almost a carbon copy of Lance Armstrong and Roberto Heras’ mugging of Joseba Beloki on the climb to Plateau de Beille in stage 12 of the 2002 Tour de France.

No, we won’t get fooled. Ultimately what the Froome camp did achieve with Esquire was keep him in the news cycle, blowing a kiss to his fans, while throwing his haters a bone, and saying, “The secret is, there is no secret.”

Sure and while we’re sharing secrets, it was a brilliant PR play, and remember the image makers that made Lance, didn’t leave the sport when he was exiled, they just moved to the next team.

The Tour never trends this time of year. Now let’s get back to debating road disc.

While Nathan’s article is behind our paywall, you can read it for free with a login or on Medium Bicycles, where it’s also published.

See Froome riding away from his rivals.

Taylor Phinney’s Win

Everybody loves a comeback, right? Not sure if Taylor Phinney is calling it a comeback, but he just won a stage of the US Pro Challenge.

See this video produced by Lululemon about Taylor’s recovery and his perspective on adversity with his father.

His way of thinking sure worked today and I reviewed Lulu’s kit on Medium, and in the latest issue of our magazine.

Issue 27: The Tour

Issue 27

The Tour de France is the grandest of all bike races, including a rich history with racing innovations that have changed how we ride. Issue 27 shares our take on the most famous bike race across France and dropped yesterday on iTunes and the Web.

While editing the issue, with an admittedly negative view of the Tour, I found and cited Harakirimushi’s manga in my editor’s letter. Because Froomey petting a lion reminded me to not take it and the sport so seriously. I mean even a big-headed, skin-and bones alpha roadie with an eating disorder looks adorable in whimsical drawings.


The free cover story discusses Froome’s miraculous performances and reminded us of the US Postal Service squad and it felt like we watched another sequel in a bad movie franchise.

Available on iTunes and the Web, the 27th issue of the magazine costs $4 an issue or $16 per year. Ad-free and published monthly, your money directly supports the authors, photographers, and editors who contribute to Bike Hugger.

Tour Recap

The Tour de France uploaded their 3-week recap edit yesterday and just watched it while working on Issue 27 of our magazine and before MTB in Colorado this weekend at Winter Park Resort and the Trestle Bike Park.

Trestle offers a lift and 58 trails sections. Having just rode in Park City and Deer Valley, interested in comparing the two. I’ve heard Trestle has amazing trails.

Tour de France: On the Podium

Best possible close to this Tour…Sagan machine gunning the crowd while Froome disapproves. As Jason Dul said, “Froome, in this vid, reminds me of Lee Trevino’s disapproval in Happy Gilmore.”

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