In Austin we ride around town during SXSW and in Vegas, it's on the Strip before the networking parties.

The Best of Austin isn’t At SXSW

One of the wonderful things about bikes is that having one can unlock treasures. Take SXSW for example, where the world’s geek-elite class converge to network and connect. The Austin Convention Center is buzzing with activity and with passion and the energy of start-ups and established companies striking deals. .

Just a few blocks away though you can find equally rewarding experiences, though without the stock option possibilities of a good conference.

Today I’m tooling around on a loaner Tern, part of our loaner fleet at SXSW and I’m checking out the local coffee scene.


Austin, which just a half-decade ago had just a fledgling scene is now full of coffee places and roasters. I started my day single origin espresso with Stumptown at Juan Palota, stopped in mid-ride for an iced espresso at Jo’s and now am relaxing at the hand-hewn wood bars at Houndstooth on 4th and Congress.

As someone in the coffee business I’m particularly impressed with the setup at Houndstooth. Their espresso machine was designed by Kees Van Der Western and is a thing of beauty. It’s also worth more than any of the cars parked outside.

As a veteran trade show attendee, possibly the best advice I can give is to take your time in a city and absorbing the local culture. You’ll end up being rewarded in ways that will surprise you.

Solar Dub Rustlers at SXSW

The SYCONS are Solar Dub Rustlers and Bike Hugger’s DJs during SXSW 14 in the Create tent, March 7-9. They’ll send our Mobile Social with Tern and Noika off with a bright, sunny mix. Then greet us with a chill vibe when we return.

SXSW 14 Schedule

There’s so much going on at SXSW this year, we’ve collected what we’re doing into one post. We’re riding around Austin, talking, and hanging out in the Create tent with the Makers, Hackers and DIYers.

The theme for 14 is Mobile Bike Photography.

By Day

  • Thursday, March 6th – Arrive in Austin and build a fleet of bikes!
  • Friday March 7th – Ride in the morning, hang out in the Create tent, then more rides to food trucks that night after the 2014 Unofficial SXSWi Mobile Meetup
  • Saturday March 8th – We’re in our space with Nokia and then a series of talks starting at 11:00 AM. Rides to Southby parties
  • Sunday, March 9th – Ride in the morning, in our space with Nokia, and then the Mobile Social at 12:30 with a Rapha Reception.


MoSo at the Capital

We have fun riding around Austin

We’ll ride daily after we arrive in Austin. Follow us on Twitter for announcements about meet spots, routes, and times. Expect morning rides out of the city and evening rides to food trucks and bars.

On Sunday, March 9th at 12:30 PM meet for the annual Mobile Social SXSW. We’ll ride from the space where the bike and tech meet in the Create tent to scenic locations around Austin. Then back for a Rapha reception with beer, apps, and a talk from Jeremy Dunn about the photos taken during the ride.

The ride is free and open to the public. The pace is social and all cyclists are welcome, any bike will work, there are no hills, and just fun. Here’s the route and more details.

Meet on the lawn outside the Create Tent in The Long Center at 12:30. You’ll find us where the SYCONS DJs of the Sun are mixing music.

Lots of TErns

We got a fleet of free bikes for you to ride with us


Tic Rockig it

This year we’re talking about bikes and tech

On Saturday, March 8th starting at 11:00 AM, Byron will lead a set of talks about wearables, bike tech, and mobile photography. Joining him in The Industry Attic at West Pincer Terrace stage are Myriam Joire and Dan Rubin, Jason Harris, and David Schloss.

See all the Create events on SXSW’s schedule.

Nokia + Bike Hugger Space

In the Nokia + Bike Hugger space in the Create tent find giveaways and the latest Lumia devices that make amazing photos & videos on and off the bike. Lumia lets you see more at SXSW and our space is where participants in the free bike and a phone promotion will pick up their Tern and Nokia.

Free Terns and Lumias at SXSW

Terns Like THis

Ride around with us taking photos with Lumias on Terns, like this

Today Nokia announced their new Lumia Icon and that’s one of the phones we’re loaning out with a Tern during SXSW Interactive this year. Yep, we’ve got a fleet of bikes and demo phones for you to ride and try in Austin. To sign up, visit our Free Tern and Lumia page and fill in the Google Doc. That’s it.

If you make the list, Nokia will contact you, and we hope you bring the Tern and Lumia with you to the Mobile Social and ride with us. It’s on Sunday March 9th and during the ride, we’ll pull focus to mobile photography with guests Dan Rubin, Jeremy Dunn, and our own David Schloss.

8th Annual Mobile Social SXSW

MoSo at the Capital

A ride around the Capital

If you count the two “unofficial” years, Bike Hugger has been riding in Austin during SXSW for a decade. A month from now we’re back in Texas and ten years of Mobile Socials have seen enormous, the-roof-is-on-fire crowds – a hundred or so when it rains – and always a colorful peloton that rolls through town like a movable feast. People have met on the rides and gotten married, children conceived, businesses pitched, and we mostly had lots of fun (where you there for the marching band send-off?).

We’re so in the moment during these, we don’t stop often enough to take photos and decided this year that’s what we’ll do. Photographers Dan Rubin, Jeremy Dunn, and our own David Schloss are going to pull focus on the ride to mobile photography. We’ll start from Create tent, ride a scenic route the river, and stop along the way to get the shots. Back at Create, we’ll talk about the photos, techniques the pros use, and share a beer or two.

It’s like a photo walk, but with bikes — because every good ride deserves to be shared.

Ride Details

The Mobile Social SXSW with Nokia and Tern starts at 12:30 CST, Sunday March 9th, from the Create tent at the Long Center. We’ll ride for about an hour, taking photos, then back for a reception with Rapha. The event is free and open to the public.The pace is social and all cyclists are welcome, any bike will work, with no hills, just fun.

Free Bikes

Our Partners Nokia US and Tern are bringing a fleet of bikes and Lumias to town for the Mobile Social. Combine the MoSo fleet with the SXCycles free bike share and it’s like, “Yo dawg, we heard you like free bikes!”

You can rent a Tern from SXCycles or get a free bike from us by signing up on our Get a Free Tern and Lumia During SXSW 14 page.


Before the ride, on Saturday, I’m hosting a series of talks about bike tech with Dan and Myriam Joire from Pebble. Check the Create post and we’ll see you soon in Austin.

Photo: KK+

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