We're so into Cyclocross that we made this special page for it. Also publish a Tumblr about Suffer Faces.

Cross Clinic with Crosssports

Uploaded video from the Cross Clinic with Crosssports yesterday. The short is added to our collection of Cross Tips on YouTube. Also see another clinic from last year where Matt taught us how to best dismount and remount. He makes it look easy… the parade wave teaches clinic attendees how to better balance themselves on their bike, a critical skill when dismounting into the barriers and then remounting after them. All the attendees did very well.

In the latest issue of our Magazine, we share more about the upcoming Cross season, including some notes on sand pits. We’ll kick off the racing this season at CrossVegas.

Ready for Cross 14

D-Plus for 14

D-Plus is back for another season

It was the first CX workout of the 13/14 season yesterday and the D-Plus is running good. Mark V is making another iteration of this type of bike right now in a 700c/650b version and it’ll get welded in two weeks. For more about Mark’s quest to ride across a sandpit and a Cross preview, download and subscribe to our Magazine.


Mark’s latest obsession

Issue 03 is available now for $1.99.

Cyclocross Tips 13

Following Issue 03 that’s focused on Cross, here are some tutorial videos we’ve uploaded over the years. In 13 minutes and 9 videos, we cover the basics, and most importantly the barriers with Crosssports. Sandpits are a different matter entirely, cause souls and entire seasons gets lost in the dusts of those. The sandpits are Silver Lake drove Mark V into a deep obsession from which a new bike emerged. For all of us, let’s hope he gets at least 4 bike lengths across them this season.


A sandpit buster is being made right now in downtown Seattle

Wellens Can Ride Sand and You Cannot

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In the editor’s note to Matt Hill’s sandpit tutorial for Issue 03 of our Magazine, I wrote

Once ate at Hooters next to Wellens, for reals and have never made it all the way through a sand pit.

True story and Bart remembered the moment too. Then I’m sure went about his training and perfecting his technique of attacking the sandpit in a giant gear and stomping his authority on the pedals with soul-crushing power. Like glaciers that pound rock for millennia until it gives way to powder, Wellens crushes the sand relentlessly and powerfully. He powers through it like a Paris-Dakar moto, throwing up a roostertail of dust into his competitor’s faces.

Because our Magazine is a mobile app, we want to keep the download reasonable and shipped just 2 photos from 30 taken of Wellens in the sand and the rest of them are on G+.

Mark V was so mortified in that same pit he began obsessing about what’d roll better over the sand: 650b or 700c? That obsession resulted is his new Cross whip that he describes at length in Issue 03 too.

If I am racing on the typical cx course that you see here in the states, not far removed from a fast, dirt criterium, then that is all the bike I would need. But I still yearn for the versatility of truly fat tires……Sixteen months ago the idea hit me to create a 700C/650B cyclocross bike with disc brakes, 2 months ago the lightweight 650B xc tires became available……

Read about Mark’s bike and how Wellens rides the sand in our Magazine available now on iTunes for $1.99 per month or $3.99 per issue. Download the issue, read it, practice, and maybe avoid the sand despair #37 felt that day.


This season my goal is 4 bike lengths into the sandpit and then a clean dismount/remount cycle.

Giant’s Decker & 650B crashing cyclocross racing

Hi, it’s Mark V after a fairly long absence from writing on the main BH blog, though you can catch my tech writing on Bike Hugger’s new downloadable magazine (hint, hint!) . I’ve been busy wrenching on bikes during the summer rush and raiding old folks’ homes for drugs with my new pal Amanda Bynes. Byron tipped me off to Carl Decker crashing some “mid-summer’s cx race” on a 27.5” dualie. First off, anyone using the term “27.5 inch” in reference to effing old as dirt rim standard 650B will be taken out back and beaten. Eff all you industry imbeciles and your whining about how consumers cannot comprehend the name 650B; for as Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would still be the only tyre size in between old skool 26 and yesterday’s hype 29er. And if you are a consumer and you really do have trouble grasping the idea that 650B is merely a convenient recycle of a well-established industry standard, I weep for you……now get out of my face.

Schwalbe tyres 700C & 650B 02

As Byron mentioned, Giant-sponsored rider Carl Decker showed up to some Raleigh hosted “Midsummer’s Night Cyclocross Race” in Park City, Utah and took a bike swap from his Red22 Hydro-disc equipped Giant CX bike to a brand new 650B-wheeled dual-suspension Giant Anthem mtb. Now to some people this seemed like another Manuel Beastley incident. Three or four months ago during the Sea Otter Classic a video hit the interwebs showing a guy named “Manuel Beastley” racing and “dominating” several events on a “Walmart-sourced fatbike.” While not quite spreading as virally as Joey’s OK, Manuel Beastley became a legend due to the populist appeal of an underdog vs the pros and increasingly cultish fervor from fatbike advocates. And who wouldn’t find the story of a fun-lovin’ nobody literally coming out of the woods to trounce the professional riders on a bike that cost less the shoes of the elites? And the fact that he did it with a fatbike provided the incontrovertible proof that 4-5” tyres were everything the cycling mainstream ever wanted. The problem is that 1) Manuel Beastley didn’t dominate any races and 2) he doesn’t exist.

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