We're so into Cyclocross that we made this special page for it. Also publish a Tumblr about Suffer Faces.

Cross Vegas 2009


Cross Vegas, the annual cyclocross event that coincides with Interbike, had its third outing last night on a sprawling spectator-friendly course that served up blistering speeds and some surprising performances to a huge crowd.

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Star Crossed - Single Speed

Cross is quite humbling. It’s a very social yet independent race for most of us. Guys like me are just trying to avoid falling in the technical turns (or just stay on course like Byron).
The humbling bit is seeing the real Pro’s go at it (cool video of the downpour). Pretty amazing. It was dry when I took those corners and I was going WAY slower…and I still crashed 3 times on course.

Starcrossed 09

I was at a social event with Pam and didn’t attend, but the reports are it was a rainy, great night of Cross racing with Heule taking the win. Andrew raced Single and should have a report up soon. While all us of aren’t racing yet, we are secretly cross training.

The course lay out featured long grassy straight-aways with riders going in and out of the Marymoor velodrome. As the weather turned for the worse, bike handling took precedence over power as the off-camber turns slickened with rain. Tim Johnson (Cannondale) went down on the first lap and soon an elite field formed: Page, Trebon, Heule, Troy Wells, and Andy Jacques-Maynes (Bissell) and Jeremy Powers.

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Secret Cross Training

At an undisclosed location in Seattle, we are training for Cross. You’ll just see us later in the season. While everyone else is going fast, we’re just getting going.

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Guide to Oregon Cyclocross for 2009


Getting into bike racing often means having to negotiate protocols and procedures set in place by die-hard veteran racers, but cyclocross is generally non-serious and one of the most welcoming types of bike racing, especially for beginners.

It’s almost time for Cyclocross across the country and here in Portland, it’s already begun. Portland is often mentioned as the hotbed of cylcocross in the US, with 1200+ racers showing up to every weekend race in the fall. Due to the incredible demand, September is a full-on preseason time to brush up at a skills clinic and maybe even race before the main season begins in October.

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