We're so into Cyclocross that we made this special page for it. Also publish a Tumblr about Suffer Faces.

Huggacast 56: Cross Tips 1

After the Cross shenanigans, Tim Rutledge of Redline taught us his Secret Cross Tips. This is Part 1 of 5 and covers “controlling the bike while running.”

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Huggacast 55: Cyclocross Shenanigans

Tim Rutledge of Redline is the star of this Huggcast. He’s really good at Cyclocross. Byron not so much. Also featured is DZ-Nuts.

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Cyclocross: Kruger’s Kermesse

Bike Hugger raced Cross – kermesse style – at Kruger’s Farm. It was dusty, bumpy, crashy, and fun.

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Cross Cultural

With bikes from Redline, Bike Hugger is racing Cyclocross this year and blogging about Cross culture. Back in the day, way back in the formative years of Bike Hugger, I raced Cross for 2 seasons. At the time, the names were Norton, Grande, Undem, Rutledge, and others. Cross was just getting mainstreamed with a national series, a UCI race, and magazine coverage. Totally sucking at it — the Texas 2-step was my remount method — I eventually just focused on road.

In the Pacific Northwest, Cross is too big to ignore and we’ve got late season road racing this year at Interbike … so, here we go (cue Timerlake’s “bringing sexy back”) right into Cross season. Readers, please add your resouces, links, and thoughts in the comments.


Dialing the bikes in at Lincoln Park and watching the sunset.

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Bike Hugger Cyclocross: Alki Beach

It was a beautiful end of Summer day and time to get ready for Cyclocross.

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