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Huggacast 81: Starcrossed

Mark races Starcrossed demonstrating a total lack of fitness and absolutely dismal cyclocross technique. I never even attempted a running remount the whole race. My strategy was to use my mtb’s fat tires to power through muddy turns faster and avoid dismounting as much as possible. Did it work? Well, I did finish…

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Kansas City: New Year’s Eve Cross Race

They’re still racing in Kansas City.

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Shimano recognizes Cyclocross

This is a 46tooth chainring for Dura Ace 7800. Shimano introduced this item without any fanfare, but this is the first item that Shimano ever produced specifically for cyclocross.

Thursday night I attended the Shimano tech seminar in Portland, and I learned that this chainring is not a fluke. Shimano recognizes that cyclocross is no longer a fringe sport for kooks; it is a serious growth sport and a viable market. Shimano will have more products for cyclocross.

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Longtail Cross

So awesome and you can’t really worry about the weight with this bike, just like having no gears in Singled Speed cross.

Hat tip: Matt Haughey

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Grizzly Adam’s Cyclocrossin’ cousin

Hell to the yeahs – now that’s the opposite of leg-shavin’ all-too serious roadies, fully-bearded Cross racers.

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