We're so into Cyclocross that we made this special page for it. Also publish a Tumblr about Suffer Faces.

In the Pits at USGP of Cyclocross

Lots of action happens in the pits and we caught a few moments of it with our camera, turned it into a slideshow, added some music too.

See more photos from the USGP like

After a month off to heal my busted-up knee, I raced and placed 69th in the Masters race. Ok with that going into Bend and Nationals next week. More on that in another post and we’re also having a Tweetup Cocktail Party Saturday night, where we’ll tell race stories and compare notes on tire widths.

Cross-Train THIS, Bitch

2010-11-21 at 15-33-01.jpg

The other day while reviewing the LeMond Revolution trainer the topic of cross-training vs. actually riding came up. Generally I don’t stop riding my bike in the winter (I’ve several times clocked more miles from November through February than February through May) but I don’t ride as hard core in the winter either.

My normal cross training routine involves lots of racquetball (and racquetball related injuries) and a good amount of lifting.

But I’ve got a new regimen thanks to Microsoft’s new Kinect system. The motion-capture-based game controller works with a number of great games and I’m using them to get the winter-time workout that I never got from the much-vaunted Wii.

In particular I’ve been playing Fighters Uncaged , a first-person street fighting game that uses actual punches and kicks as the interface for, well, punching and kicking.

After my first bout of fights I was panting, sweating and breathing harder than I have in months. Elbow punches, roundhouse kicks, ducking and jabbing–this is great. And it’s getting all of my muscles in shape.

I’m not sure how many people out in Hugger Land have Kinect and Xbox Live accounts, but I’m thinking of doing a gaming night for BikeHugger fans. If you’re interested in some online gaming, let us know in the comments.

Snow Cross

The esssence of Cross, what this sport is about, is not riding inside on rollers or trainers. It’s facing the elements and what the wind threw down from the trees the night before. While its popularity grows with athletes chasing UCI points on sponsored rides, a strong desire to stay fit when the ground is frozen and covered with snow is where it came from.

Bustle in your Hedgerow Old-timey cross racers

I enjoy racing as much as the next Bro, but also find riding dirt on a road bike relaxing and liberating. Get away from the computer with no number on your back, course tape, or fans handing up beer. Just riding in the trees.

snow_cross1.jpg New, natural barrier

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Cyclocross Priss

Noticed Heidi Swift’s nails really pop in this photo. She’s covered in mud, but the nails are polished.


She said:

… I’m still trying to keep the nails clean/intact. Such a priss.

Priss or not, that’s another example of women racing hard and looking good. Like Pam did in her bee outfit.

Photo: Courtesy of Dave Roth.

TRP’s CX9 cross-specific v-brakes

trpcx9.jpgThough I love cyclocross, I’ve long had a love/hate relationship with the equipment used on most cross bikes. I ride a variety of terrain on my cyclocross bike including standard cross races (usually flat, sometimes muddy) but also very hilly gravel roads near my home as well as things I’d normally take my mountain bike on. The biggest difference from my MTB and my cross bike is the braking – I have sure-footed discs on my mountain bike that can reliably slow me down any steep descents with good control while my cyclocross bike’s ancient cantilever brake design mean I’m mashing them to the rim with all my might, white knuckles showing on the downhills as I watch the edge of the trail approach my front wheel at way too great of speeds.

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