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Racing Raleigh’s Midsummer Night’s Cyclocross

I’m racing Cross tomorrow night at Raleigh’s Midsummer Night’s Cyclocross. A night Cross race in July? What’s that all about? I asked Terry Buchanan, the race promoter, that same thing and he said

The race is part of Raleigh’s annual dealer new, model year event and is intended to get them excited abut Cross. They can watch, race, and soak in the atmosphere. Also ride demo bikes.

then Raleigh’s Sally called me and said,

The potential of Cyclocross is there and what we’re pushing. We want to show them dealers what a Cross race is all about.

As you’ve probably been reading, I’ve been at lots of media/dealer events so far this Summer. July is buying season in the bike business. After this event, I’m at Dealer Camp next week for more blogging and a MTB race (first in two decades).

Having never raced Cross in the Summer and just starting to train hard for the Fall, I’ve got no idea how I’ll feel. I’m in the Singlespeed category and racing the Hugga Hodala bike.

There’s also big money and a pro contract on the line at this race.

New Cross Wheels on Test

We’re getting ready for Cross season with new wheels to test from Cole

Cole Cross Wheels

and A-Class

Aclass Tubeless

Those are tubular and tubeless. As I said on our Facepage, we’re not running clinchers this season and we’ll have a stable of bikes too: single speed, custom carbon, and a new Ti bike.

Attack of the Affordable Cross Tubular


Cross riders looking to get more out of their hoops often think of turning to tubulars, but the price tag is usually too high for most to justify for performance that’s not as great as, say, buying a new frame. Specialized is rolling out a new set of tubular cross-specific wheels with a 290TPI count (that’s great) at a $100 price point (that’s fantastic). If you’re looking for a new set of tubulars to go with your disc-brake ‘cross bike this season, these are your new best friends.

Parlee CX: Custom, Carbon, Cross

I rode three Cross bikes during PressCamp (more on the Blue and Ridley this week) and what was funny about the Parlee CX, is I was more enthused by it than the Parlee Team. As I learned, that’s because the bike is a stock Parlee with cross-specific features. The superb ride is just what Parlee does. How they do, in other words.

PressCamp Parlee: CX Right Close

Sidewalk swagger

I told Bob later that he could’ve said the CX was built just for Cross with special tubing and layup schedule, but that’s not his or the company’s style. Parlee lets the bikes speak for themselves and, of course, this is a bike you build for yourself.

PressCamp Day One: Parlee

Bob Parlee

As Tom Rodi tells me in a video interview below, you can spec the custom build to your style, terrain, and stiffness.

If you want to run your cables oddly like this, they’ll do it.

PressCamp Parlee: CX Front

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The New 3T & Cyclocross

Luteus1.png There was a time when Cinelli dominated the quality road bar and stem market, and the only company to compete against the venerable Italian marque was another Italian company, Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese….otherwise known as 3T. Strangely enough, both companies ended up being purchased by the Gruppo SpA, run by Antonio Columbo of Columbus tubing. But frankly by around Y2K, Cinelli had completely fallen behind newer upstarts like Deda Elementi and a host of Asian manufacturers in terms of technological innovation. As for 3T, it had wasted away into irrelevance, and in 2006 Gruppo sold the 3T brand to a Dutch entrepreneur. When 3T was relaunched, they made an immediate impact by introducing totally new, well-conceived product with smart graphics and sponsoring Pro Tour teams such as Cervelo and Garmin.

I’ve talked to 3T before and the company has always planned to make a thoughtful expansion of their product line beyond road. The new Luteus cyclocross fork is in some ways their boldest move yet. For while their dropbars and stems are light and elegantly simple, and their aerobars some of the technically best available, the Luteus fork shows 3T aggressively seizing the industry lead in developing and marketing a pro-level, disc brake-specific CX fork.

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