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The New 3T & Cyclocross

Luteus1.png There was a time when Cinelli dominated the quality road bar and stem market, and the only company to compete against the venerable Italian marque was another Italian company, Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese….otherwise known as 3T. Strangely enough, both companies ended up being purchased by the Gruppo SpA, run by Antonio Columbo of Columbus tubing. But frankly by around Y2K, Cinelli had completely fallen behind newer upstarts like Deda Elementi and a host of Asian manufacturers in terms of technological innovation. As for 3T, it had wasted away into irrelevance, and in 2006 Gruppo sold the 3T brand to a Dutch entrepreneur. When 3T was relaunched, they made an immediate impact by introducing totally new, well-conceived product with smart graphics and sponsoring Pro Tour teams such as Cervelo and Garmin.

I’ve talked to 3T before and the company has always planned to make a thoughtful expansion of their product line beyond road. The new Luteus cyclocross fork is in some ways their boldest move yet. For while their dropbars and stems are light and elegantly simple, and their aerobars some of the technically best available, the Luteus fork shows 3T aggressively seizing the industry lead in developing and marketing a pro-level, disc brake-specific CX fork.

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February Cross Ride

Conditions were right to ride most of the beach at Lincoln Park before stalling in the Sand.

Feb ride2

I’ve ridden a route past the beach for 20 years and never thought to ride it. A winter storm had pushed all the driftwood up into the concrete wave breakers. The wet sand, pebbles, and rocks made it rideable for a long section.

Feb ride3

It was a rush with the surf, wind, and just one other person on there (seen in the top center left) I powered around the point and back towards Alki where the sand was too soft. Then I jogged along, back up onto the path, and home.

I’m enjoying a quiet weekend of riding before racing season starts and we travel to Austin for SXSW. Once there, we’ve got Built and the Mobile Social.

Santa Races Cross for You

Fit Santas race Cross in the Winter to stay in shape and get presents to you.

Uploaded by Chris Matthews | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

US Cyclocross Nationals in Bend

After spending the past few days in Bend, Oregon for the US Cyclocross National Championships, I’ve come away exhausted (I didn’t even race!) and entertained by the high caliber of racing action. It’s the one race of the year a lot of people train for and they always put it all on the line for the stars and stripes jersey and bragging rights of saying “I’m the fastest person in the entire country.”


The Venue

The crowds were big for the final races, and the course looked long, slightly muddy, and technical. The weather varied between snow flurries on some mornings, rain at times, and finally sunshine and temps in the 50F range on the final afternoon of racing. Like the weather, the course varied between mud bog, water logged, and got much faster as it dried out.

You'd think it was Belgium given the crowds

Cold snowy start to 40-44 Mens

Tricky corners

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Cyclocross Nationals is Emotional

Many things are said about Cyclocross, it’s like mountain biking in the early days–a carnival of bike culture replete with epic races and wildly enthusiastic fans. Back when Missy Giove and Shaun Palmer engendered a carnival-like attitude of establishment-rocking and epic hucking.

Cross is like that now–it’s the only sanctioned racing where you can see both passionate fans and spectators dressed like gorillas, side by side. Or industry playahs like Chris Matthews starting his race in a faux-fur coat.

What I learned at the National Level, during the championships though is that it’s really all about emotions like this.



Your friends, teammates, and those you love are there watching. Your hard work is all on the line. There are winners, losers, and also-rans. Some are happy to finish, some are merely happy to start.

Taking that photo was especially emotional for me because earlier in the day, I placed 141st out of a 182-strong field. That’s last out of those that finished. The rest DNF’d or DNS’d and I got pulled at the finish line when the hard-charging leaders lapped me.

Being out for 6 weeks with a busted up knee before this race, I could’ve skipped racing or even stayed home. But I decided to race it and experience Nationals. The win for me was not crashing, not injuring myself, and just finishing.

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