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10 Things Loved in 2013

Not subscribed to our Magazine yet? Well, we love you much as those that are too (well almost as much), so here’s an article about things that Matt Hill loved in 2013. Matt knows his stuff, so listen up…

10.) DI2 and disc brakes on my cross bike…

I only managed to get the darn thing built up in time for one race, but that race was the Bend Ice Bowl, and folks? When you can’t feel your hands, all the arguments against disc brakes & electronic shifting disappear. Quickly. A revelation.

9.) Flo Wheels

They aren’t light, but they’re aerodynamic as all get-out, and they’re bomb-proof. 
…and cheap. Holy cow, these things are inexpensive. You get to pick 3 out of 4, right?

8.) The new “light” drink mixes…

Eat your calories, drink your electrolytes. Makes sense to me. Makes sense to enough people that all the bigger players in the sport nutrition game are jumping on the bandwagon. Cliff’s new product in the category is pretty great, and that’s what I’m soaking in now.

7.) Rolling resistance testing of tires…

Thanks to folks like Al Morrison and Tom Ahnhalt, riders can now make informed decisions about gear that will actually make them faster. Better yet? The manufacturers have been paying attention, and have responded with better, faster products. The same thing is starting to happen with aerodynamic testing. Excellent.

6) The Castelli Gabba Jersey…

If you race bikes in the rain, you should buy one. Full-stop. The very rarest of things, an absolutely perfect product.

5) A ridiculous little bell on my bike…

Yup. I put a ridiculous little bell on my bike. 
It’s absolutely flabbergasting how effective a tiny little “ping” is at clearing a path through normally oblivious multi-use trail traffic. It sounds like Mary Poppins rolling through, but people clear out like you’re aiming a cannon their way. Who knew?

4) The Hola App for the Chrome browser…

The UCI has a YouTube page, and they live-stream a huge portion of the year’s race calendar on it, including all the Cyclocross World Cup races (Women’s races included!)
The problem, though?
They sold video rights in the US to a cable channel that isn’t available in my area. As a result, the YouTube feed is blocked, and there’s no way to watch on the TV.
What’s a desperate fan to do? Click the Hola button on the browser toolbar, and YouTube thinks you’re watching from the UK, or Denmark, or Belgium… wherever the feed originates. Problem solved.

3) Cyclocross Nationals are in Austin next year…

Yeah, this is a year away, but I already love it. Get ready for a weird time…

2) The rise of Enduro Racing…

People having FUN racing their bikes? Damn…

1) Pat McQuaid out on his ass…

‘Nuff said, eh?

2014 CX Worlds Edit

Was in NYC for the Super Bowl last weekend and missed watching CX Worlds. Did hear some of the drama, like Stybar showing up on a 2-yr old bike to win or it was cantis v. discs. The UCI’s race edit is above and that’s what CX racing is all about, just like the 13 Worlds in the States. It’s the best racing in the bike business.

Tl;DR? Scrub to the final lap and see them battle it out.

Issue 08: Disc Brake Rants

Red Recall

Hydro Bagged

Spiteful Mark V wrote TWO rants about road disc brakes in Issue 08 of our Magazine available now on iTunes. He’s installing mechanicals on the Crux this week and I haven’t seen him this agitated since I declared I’d worn out a Ti bike from the massive miles I ride. A recent text from him said, “I sliced it off like a cancer, doubled-bagged b/c the tumor is bleeding DOT.”

Immediately attempting to change the narrative, I responded with, “where we riding next week? Iron Horse Trail?”

If you’re not already subscribed, subscription revenues directly support the writing, editing, and production of Bike Hugger Magazine. That’s where you can read Mark’s take on disc brakes and how he’s recommitting to Cantis.

Our magazine is ad free and published monthly on iTunes for $1.99 per month or $3.99 an issue. Droid users you can find us on Google Play where we recently published an exclusive story about Stages.

Cody Kaiser Pump Hops the Stairs

Got to come up with a name for this technique, the stair pump hop perhaps? Been around this sport for a long time, seen barriers hopped and stairs ridden, but not like this without pedaling at CX Natz.

Nalini Team Kit

Mark’s Green Steel

When our new team kit arrived, Mark V liked it so much, he pranced around like Zoolander. Mark is very particular about how his kit fits and I’ve got Italian Kitarexia. Nalini didn’t send Italian tailors to Hugga HQ to measure us, so they’ve got the sizing down in how they cut it for the smaller and bigger guys.

I wear a large on my thinnest days and XL when I’m layering for the cold or want a more relaxed fit. Nalini made this kit for us in Castel d’Ario, that’s 30km south of Verona with Salinas fabric for the jersey and Lycra Sport for the shorts.


In Nalini

As we told Albabici who distributes Nalini in the US and handles the custom kit orders, we race and ride in all seasons on the road, dirt, and mud. So our kit needs to perform across temperatures and the Manto Dry treatment the Salinas fabric receives wicks very well. Lyrca Sport does the same with muscle support and flexibility for dismounts and remounts (it stays in place). The Nalini Fabric page reads like a buffet menu and that’s how custom you can have your kits made, choosing the fabric technology for your riding and racing. For the shorts, we chose a thermotaped TPU gripper, with a microfiber pad.

Nalini sent us their best, we highly recommend their custom team kits, and I’m wearing it here in the Maui sun after the cold rain at the Seattle CX races.

On a barrier Conquest

Last CX race of the regular season

The Making Of

On G+, see photos of the Nalini factory, where our kit was made.

Kit Machine

Kit-making machine

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