We're so into Cyclocross that we made this special page for it. Also publish a Tumblr about Suffer Faces.

Russie Says Goodbye to Seattle with a Win

Silver Lake: Russie Wins and Leaves Seattle Behind

‘Racers cracked on this hill

This photo sequence starts with challengers right on Russell Stevenson’s wheel, nearly touching it, then watch the gap open, their grimaces grow, and he never looks back. Russie is a Local Pro.

Silver Lake: Russie Wins 1

Watch the gap grow

As he rides out of focus, check the gap, and the Suffer Faces behind him. It’s a wheel and a half now.

Silver Lake: Russie Wins and Moves Away

Now it’s a bike length and he’s gone

Now further out of focus, the gap is a bike length and that grew to nearly a minute at the finish. Today Russie is flying to CO for a new job, more races, and I expect wins like this.

Full-rez photos on Facebook, Flickr, and G+.

Socks for Your Face

If you haven’t seen our Suffers Faces blog on Tumblr yet, check it for photos like this from @mathowie of Josh Liberies suffering and gasping-for air.

Josh Liberies suffering

Josh is the editor of Cyclocross Magazine

Today we announced Socks for Your Face, cause we know there’s a whole lotta suffering and Cross races going on this Fall.

It’s simple. Shoot photos at your local awesome Cross Race, send us the best ones, and if we use one then you get a pair of socks. Nice socks too. You can see them in our Store.

Socks for Your Face details.

Jungle Cross Run Under

jungle cross

Before Cross was dirt crits with barriers, in the Pacific Northwest, we raced and trained in the jungle like this. At a undisclosed location near Hugga HQ, I found a trail like it was, back then.

On Sunday, I’m at Silver Lake racing and looking for Suffer Faces. See you there, after last week, I hope have a better race. As I said on Twitter

Did that one for my culture. Felt empty, two mechanicals, in the pits. Better show next time. Thanks for the cheers.

Cross Racing: Barrier Technique

When her right hand hits the bar, her right leg will follow up and over. Then she’ll slide onto the saddle.

Next it’s foot contact with the pedals, engage, and go.

Also note how she’s looking forward and not at the bike.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

I’d Like to Ride You

For his second Cross race ever, Blake Davidson rode this 30-yr old steel touring bike with long-pull brakes. It hasn’t got real muddy yet, so sure that’ll work, for now. The decal pulls it all together.

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