We're so into Cyclocross that we made this special page for it. Also publish a Tumblr about Suffer Faces.

Plain Clothes Racing at Woodland Park

When I spotted Jeans and Converse on her mountain bike at MFG Cross Woodlawn Park, thought, “oh this is gonna be good.”

Got a iPhone photo

No number to get her name. That’s even more rebellious. Was she even registered or just showed up to kick ass?

then she worked the crowd each time on the stairs-to-log run up

The run up crowd loved her

and surprised everyone with a huge gap at the finish.

Putting the hurt on the men behind her too

Style Man raced in the same heat and don’t know if they called each other beforehand or even know each other, but their kits were plain clothes.

Mark Cannon races in style

Moving up through the race in a dress shirt

Kool Stopping Brake Howl

There was a slight buzzkill with the Parlee CX H (for Hugga). Lots of fork shudder, chatter, and a sickening howl that this one time scared a seal off the beach. I was riding along Alki Beach were baby and juvenile seals rest occasionally and the Seals Sitters were out. I stopped to look, brakes howled, and the seal was frightened. The Sitters were unhappy, I felt bad about it, and I decided at the point that the brakes on the Parlee must not scare animals.

Bikes must not scare seals Photo: 2011 Robin Lindsey via Seal Sitters

So with the help of Mark we tried various setups, massive toe-in, and one race on Mini-V brakes. I forgot how much I disliked v-brakes, so we pulled those off immediately, but not before I bronco’d the bike reaching for a handful of brake on a descent.

Kool Stop Greens are Harbor Seal friendly

Then Joe (Redline’s Master Mechanic) recommend Kool-Stop ceramics and that was it. I’m running the R-Sys SLRS with the Exalith treatment. Your mileage will vary of course, but no more shudder on my setup or a howl that scares seals away.

As I wrote earlier about the R-Sys, Mavic recommends their pads, but the Kool Stops work and cost 1/2 as much. They also did not get buzz sawed from the Exalith treatment. Also, with the right pads, those wheels are even better.

Why Don’t You Just Jump!

Tom Meeusens jump!

Tom Meeusens’ spectacular ditch jump at the Niel Jaarmarktcross 2011 in Belgium. Photo taken by kristof ramon

Mark V’s Ming Tran

Mark V’s a competitive guy and he was having none of it, when he realized I had a supremely pimp CX bike this year from Parlee.

Behold the Ming Tran!

Mark V's Ming Tran

All carbon everything

That’s a Redline Conquest Carbon team stylized by Mark V and he’s been working on it ever since the Parlee arrived at Hugga HQ.

ming tran

Corn dog eating is a head game for her real plan to kick your Imperialistic Dog Ass

Ming Tran is an America-destroying skateboarder who eats corn dogs and Mark’s bike is corn dog heavier than the Parlee CX H. I’m immediately ordering lighter pedals to make sure it’s a pound!

Davidson Switch CX Parts

Also makes for a nice, metal shot and highball glass

A couple of key parts to the new Davidson Switch CX arrived yesterday and are shown here on a stool in Davidson’s bike shop. That’s a HUGE head tube and OS bottom bracket, a 44 ID head tube and press fit BB30 shell, to be exact. Both are internally and externally relieved titanium and will get welded to Feather Tech tubes with Paragon dropouts. The dropouts will allow a switch between single and geared modes.

The Switch is a concept bike we’ve been working on and a Cross iteration of the Modal. That’s another concept bike for travel that accommodates fixed, single, geared drivetrains.

While I’m into beating up 15 pound bikes, Ti is still very relevant and especially in Cross. We’ll get light and stiff with the tubes and that naturally sprung ride that carbon can’t deliver.

Paragon had some issue with its CNS machine, so these parts arrived late for 11, but maybe I’ll have the Switch out before the season ends. It’ll get built-up with maximum bling with help from our bros at ENVE, SRAM, and lots of discussions with Bill D and Mark V.

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