We're so into Cyclocross that we made this special page for it. Also publish a Tumblr about Suffer Faces.

Meanwhile Captain Morgan Takes a Bath

While we were burying ourselves on the Seattle CX run up, racers like Captain Morgan were taking at mud bath at #sswcxc in San Francisco.

Via Cedar Cycling.

Tale of a Run Up at Seattle Cyclocross

All quiet before the hurt parade arrives

It wasn’t that steep, muddy, or technical of a run up. It was the location in the Seattle CX course, after a bumpy off-camber turn and the spacing of the railroad tie barriers, that just shattered racers.

A Face Full of Twists and Turns

Haven’t seen so many Suffer Faces in one 9ft section of a course all year. It stole their form and it was anything goes to get it up it. At 2 and then 1 to go, racers we’re doing whatever it took to get up it. We saw heads collapsed on forearms as they carried, pushed, and dragged their bikes to the top.

Every breath you take, Every move you make, Every step you take

Tale of a Run Up

When asked about Cyclocross, I say, “the tales are on the run ups.” That’s the TT, the sprints finishes, or mountain tops of this sport. After 7 laps, run ups become a blurry obstacle on your way to the finish. It’s where you carry the bike like a burning urn between your forearms. Where you’ll excel or suck and likely discover something about yourself.

Like, how hard you can actually go and just how deep your reserves are.

Hard Fall

I took a break from getting my ass kicked in the Elites and raced Single Speed. Decided to roll the course and realized I made a bad choice in tires. After coming close and then falling hard on the pit turn, I phoned it in to the finish. I want to stay healthy with just a few races to go.

CX Beaches

Molly Cameron made the beach section look easy in Kansai, Japan


Photo: Heidi Swift

while SSCXWC competitors qualified on a San Francisco Beach.


Photo: Jenny Oh Hatfield!

Musical Chairs at the MFG Cross Awards

To win the grand prize at the MFG Cross Awards Party, it was a game of musical chairs.

Series winners with Terry and Zac announcing them

The 1st finishers in each category grabbed the chairs while the 2nd place finishers watched. Then they both got to go up to the schwag table.

The Hodala cheer was heard even in this game

Eye on the empty chair

It was the most competitive game of musical chairs I’ve seen (or remember from Kindergarten).

Cosmic Miller gets his butt on the seat fast

Henry Geary was on last chair and won a this Raleigh Cross bike.

Carbon Cross bike from Raleigh

More photos on G+ and Flickr.

Women Race Cross

There was a time, not so long ago, when wives and girlfriends at Cross races waited in the car or team tent, cold, bitter, and anxious to do something else. Now look at the women in these photos.


Nona Varnado wrote today on the Bird Wheel about how women didn’t get the memo that cycling is a man’s sport.


These women didn’t get that memo either and if they did, they ignored it.


Then worked on their skills over the barriers and hitting the run ups at full effort.

Nona argues that

In cities and towns all over North America (hello Canada!) women are making major waves in cycling – but it doesn’t look the same as what the boys have done. Women are making cycling an everyday, civic and style minded affair to integrate into the everyday as something that’s non-competitive and… fun.

Cycle Chic? Non-competitive and… fun? Sure in jeans, converse, a stylish helmet, and dropping the men in the Cat 4 field.

Showed up in plain clothes and dropped the men around her

When you talk women, cycling, and evangelize #girlbikegangs, include the women who ride to work and race on the weekends.

I’ll argue that those women are doing more for the cause than checking fashion blogs, to see if their shoes match their bike and in the right color of the season.

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