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The Parlee Went Weeeeeeeeee!

First this happened

hugga down

Man down! Photo: DBCPhoto

Then this

Suffering and then some

and it went blurry for the rest of the race with a constant chase of these guys.


All a blur in that race looking up and ahead

I’ve got a curse at Steliacoom. That’s a local, legendary course, and I’ve crashed twice there this season. On Sunday, 45 seconds in and at turn 3, a racer in front of me loses his front wheel. I rode over him, launching off his hip, and onto the ground. After taking a pit lap, I raced with course-tape-guided tunnel vision, and an angry stomach, until someone told me to stop.

What I learned in that race is if you’ve got anger to work out on the bike, the Parlee CX H will take every bit of it, and ask for more with a loud weeeeeeeeeee on the descents. When hugga went loco, I took risks, drifting the turns and driving it for a who knows what placing. Only after backing it off, did I realize how well the bike worked. Cause a good cross bike, a great one, pulls focus from itself to you.

View from the cockpit

This Parlee ain’t no Fondo bike. It’s a modern cross bike. One I’ll race on, and punish, for the rest of the season. It’s on loan from Ben at Parlee, as a demo, and it’s gonna go back a different bike. Psychologically damaged, I predict.

Note: Thanks again to Redline, Tim, and Joe for the help in the pits.

Hevics: a Mavic Hed Wheel Hack

I’ve mentioned Hevics in a few previous posts and Mark V hacked together another pair for this Cross season. In my racing wheelset quiver, this is the extreme mud tubular wheelset with the Challenge Limus.

Jedi Wheel Builder

I’ve met a few Jedi Wheel Builders and Mark V is one of them. Building a wheel set from an old Ksyrium Elite hubs and spokes with Hed’s C2 rims is an advanced, alchemic process.

2nd-gen Ksyrium Elite (1st & 2nd-gen had non-assymetrical rear rim), original Mavic spokes modified and shorten by 2mm (cut and threaded down), DT Prolock nipples.

Mark arrived at the Hevic idea, once he learned that Hed sells their C2 rims separately. He had an epiphany about ride, hub quality, and an infinitely rebuildable wheel. The first set of Hevics are on my rain bike, another on the Hodala SS, and now the Parlee CX H (for Hugga).

The Ride

Wide rim, reasonably stiff for a low spoke count, and easy to work on hubs are the features, but it’s the ride really. I describe it as “fast and smooth.” Also note that as much as I like the Hevics my new fav is the R-Sys SLRs.

More Wheel Hacking Posts

Three Generals

Replace Suffer Face!

More fun with Suffer Faces and props to replaceface on Tumblr. Full size here.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Don’t Drop Baby Into Randy’s Crack

Now that’s dedication, can’t find a sitter, BabyBjorn the boy up! But don’t drop it into Randy’s crack …

Must not crash with baby

Steady, Steady,

Cleared It

The entrance to Randy’s Crack, a new course feature, was tight and hard for the first MFG Cyclocross fields of the day at Magnuson Park. The crack was an access road between grassy knolls and we’ll post more photos after a ride today.

Randy’s Crack was popular

Chandler’s Sealant Secret Disclosed

I haven’t ridden a clincher all year on my bikes or those in on long-term test.

Can’t forget the Ridley Double Flat Tastic though.

Double Flat Tastic

The other exception is the Modal in Fixed mode with Campy Moskva 80s and Michelin Pro Service Courses. The Pro is the version before Michelin started numbering them. I’m not one for retro or nostalgia and mostly into the new. However, that setup worked and rides so well, that I locked it in and made it fixed.

Mixing it Up with Fixed

A big dose of bike geekery here

How I’ve been riding all year with no flats is with sealant. My tires are filled with the milky substance (not Propofol) and I carry a can of it with me. There has been a catastrophic failure and a sidewall tore in a race from a nasty pothole, but no flats.

In a long thread on G+, that started with me asking to get schooled in FMBs, we eventually got to sealant and Chandler Snyder decided he was going to blog again about the topic and disclosed a sealant secret

We made our own sealant for the shop and sold it. I feel safe giving out the “recipe” now that the shop has been sold to new owners and is a totally different place now. This stuff worked so good, people would come by it from the other side of town. Now, please don’t think I’m going to rewrite the book on anything here or blow your minds. Sometimes its the simple things that make a HUGE difference. With that in mind…here’s the recipe for the Secret Sealant:

Sealant of choice: Stans or Caffelatex

Glitter…that’s right Glitter: as fine as you can buy at your local craft store That’s it! Seriously. Glitter is great stuff! It helps to clog the holes faster, hence using less sealant and not allowing as much air to escape. Caffelatex wasn’t around then, but now that its here and doesn’t use Ammonia as its anticoagulant, which will degradate latex tubes over time. Instead they use CO2. Stans is great stuff, and my personal choice if asked, with the exception of the latex rule.

Take whatever amount you use for the tire setup, road, cross, mtb…etc and pour it in a cup before you put it into the injector. Pour in the glitter and give it a good mix, then put into the injector you’re using. Ive found that the syringes used by EMT’s/Firefighters that are full of saline and have a screw on/off needle tip, work the best. The only thing is, you have to have a tire/tube with a removable core. The Caffelatex injector doesn’t require removing the valve core, which for using sealant by itself works great. You can custom widen the opening/tip so that the glitter moves through easier. Then gently, and firmly press the injector on, make sure theres a good seal, and plunge away. This is where you’ll know if you found the smallest glitter possible. There’s super fine stuff out there, just ask your local club kid friends! Once its all in, give the injector a couple of pulls and pushes on the plunger so the sealant doesn’t backfire on you when you pull the end off. Wrapping the coupled valve and injector with a rag while pulling off helps to keep from making any mess as well.

Put glitter inside your tires? Go for it. That’s a good a tip as hacking Hed and Mavic wheels into a Hevic

Mavic Hed Hack CX

Just-built pair of Hevics

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