We're so into Cyclocross that we made this special page for it. Also publish a Tumblr about Suffer Faces.

Joey’s Package

Joey's OK! Tee Artwork

Tee artwork by Scott Benish and in collaboration with Cyclocross Magazine

Hey we’re working on Joey’s Package: a Tee (shown above), Sticker, and Downloadable Artwork and have a few questions for you. The total cost of the package is $28.00 and before we fire off the printer and fill our warehouse with Joey scwhag, we want to know what you want.

We’ll print that artwork on an organic American Apparel tee in natural with kelly green stitching. The sticker is sized to slap onto the barriers at your next Cross race and the artwork is free.

And we heard this last night Retweet

joeysok made it on Keith olbermann on current tv tonight

I knew when Joey flew over my head that was spectacular, but not so much that it’d blow up like this. That’s me coming to his aid in the video. I did whisper in his ear, while he writhed around in Pain, dude! But didn’t say, “ignore the pain, INTERNET FAME!”


Thanks for answering the questions, even you jokesters, and the tees are available to order now.

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Logan’s Dangling Gold Chains look Belgian

Totally Pro Logan Owen Won Today

The gold makes you go faster

I showed up for the Seattle Cyclocross race at Marymoor just after Logan Owen won the Elite mens race. Logan is signed with Redline through the 2013 Worlds and has one more year as a junior. As a Neo Pro, Bro’s got the dangling gold chains, looking Belgian, and fast. Herw he is talking with me on video. Note a Seattle Squall started right as I turned the camera on. Sorry about the wind noise.

Also seen in the video is Kari, another Redline Pro, with their new carbon bike and a look at the “absolutely no shudder” fork.

Kari's New Redline Carbon Frame

Kari’s frame just arrived

Massive, over-sized fork

Also watch for A-Class’ new carbon wheels in the video.

Green Shadow

It’s that time of year when the sun sets fast and you may catch a bike shadow in the trees like this.

green shadow

Then the rains come. I think I’ve written about riding in the rain as much as Tom Robbins describes it in his books.

“It was autumn, the springtime of death. Rain spattered the rotting leaves, and a wild wind wailed.”

I was riding the Parlee CX H in Lincoln Park when I took the photo. For this Fall, I’ve got the Modal in fixed mode with race blades and a Hugga Buddy Flap, of course.

Paris Next Week


I arrive in Paris next week, about this time, and expect to see more cyclists like this cellist spotted last month. I’m there to speak to ACTE during their international conference and ride bikes, of course. Before that trip though, it’s more Cyclocross here in Seattle. Also, got to check on Joey and make sure he’s ok.

Joey’s OK! Stickers and Tees

As the Joey’s OK! video gets over 300K hits, stickers are showing up at races, and tees are being made. We’ll take pre-orders soon on the tees and have our version of stickers. We’ll give the stickers away, including the artwork, and encourage you to remix #Joeysok maybe like this


Yo! Dawg! Joey

Barrier Sticker


The barrier sticker was spotted by Raleigh’s Sally in the Pioneer S&M tent at the USGP.

If you’re racing this weekend, remember The New Hotness is “flying over the barriers,” like Joey, cause #joeysok.

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