We're so into Cyclocross that we made this special page for it. Also publish a Tumblr about Suffer Faces.

I’d Like to Ride You

For his second Cross race ever, Blake Davidson rode this 30-yr old steel touring bike with long-pull brakes. It hasn’t got real muddy yet, so sure that’ll work, for now. The decal pulls it all together.

Pelostache v. Cross Chops


A well-groomed Pelostache from Team Soft Like Kitten

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While in Paris

There’s a pause in the Cyclocross action while we’re in Paris and much more about that when we get back. 

Paris with an E-P3: Sauf


We rented Velibs and found our way on paths,  lanes, and one-way streets open to bikes. It was sunny and 80 degrees. 

Betty & Tom 4 Ever


Near Notre Dame, lovers attached locks to bridges and we thought, “this is way better than looking at a Monet on a wall.

Rollerblade Critical Mass


Especially when we joined and rode along with a Rollerblade Critical Mass. There were 3 three thousand French bladers and about 50 bikes. They had a police escort and closed the roads. We were on the South Bank of the Seine.  

Short of another French revolution breaking out while we’re in town, can’t think of better photo ops. I’ve got an Olympus E-P3 with me on test assignment for Pix Magazine. I’ve dumped 1,000 photos so far from the camera and uploaded a dozen to G+ and Flickr. Those are out of the camera from the iPad. 

Back to Cross, see how a Pro takes a beer hand up at 2:57. See more of that  refined technique this weekend when we’re back in Seattle. 

Parlee and the Modern Cross Bike

Bob Parlee joins me for a video chat about the Modern Cross Bike. Here’s a studio shot of the CX and I’ve been posting about the CX H (for Hugga) for a couple weeks now. Also rode the CX in Park City, earlier this year.


Commuter Challenge Cross Edition


A commuter arrived at these stairs when I did. He was riding home and I was in the middle of a cross workout. He rode up the road and I ran the stairs with a cross bike on my shoulder. Without saying anything to each other, it turned into a race. It was “on.”

I beat him to the top by a second or so. I was breathing heavy, gasping, and his face was on fire red. As we passed each other, I said, “next Wednesday, same time, Bro.” Round two.

That edition of the Commuter Challenge was not much harder than the one in London. Every ride is a race there.

Update with Video

Don’t know if Old Trek & Safety Vest read this post yesterday or what, but he passes me on the sidewalk spinning like mad. Then cuts me off at the top of the climb. He won that race I didn’t know I was in.

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