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Huggacast 145: Sea Otter 12 Raleigh CX

Put a camera near the Hodala crew and this is what happens: talk about how drunk that got last night and then do a thrusthug dance.

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High rez photos of the Raleigh are lightboxed on G+ and on Flickr too.

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Sea Otter Classic and a Spring Cross Race

After a crack o’ dawn flight, a drive from SFO to Laguna Seca, and straight to the media center to get credentials, first bike I see is a Raleigh with a Bud in a Lezyne carbon cage. My kinda party! I was here to race and see what was going at at the season opener in the States.

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Quick Race Recap

Racer in a banana suit took out Etheridge (SSCX champion) into turn one, bars got tangled up, then lots traffic. Rode through that in 85° heat to finish on the lead lap and place somewhere.

I raced on Rutledge’s (Redline) “Arctic Fox” shown below. A custom spec’d Conquest carbon in an enthusiastic field of about 50. Earlier races in the day had about the same turnout, including a world champion and other old, fast dudes.

Custom spec’d Redline carbon

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D-Plus: First Ride and Run

D-Plus Gully

Spotting locations for the photos – Photo: Dan Holtz Photography

After posting the latest D-Plus photos, reader Brian Fung asked

Diggin’ your new ride. Curious – besides, being a custom project, were you looking for certain ride qualities when you approached Davidson? You planning to rock it come this fall for CX season?

Yes, rock it! Also, now that I’ve got more time to write about the topic, the D-Plus is a pursuit of passion. It’s the result of a decade of thinking about modal/cross bikes by Mark V, with the work of a Bill Davidson and his crew.

Like the music a band plays, the influences are many and when you combine the talent of a master builder with someone who’s obsessed with the bike, good things happen. As another trusted source on the project said

Master Builder and OCD types were made for each other. Like Internet dating in 1989. If you were there, it was a guaranteed a match.

And the D-Plus is one hot date, in materials, and build. Check the annotated photo below with a full-rez version and more notes on Flickr.

D-Plus Gully

Annoted with notes – click through for full size.

If you’ve followed us for a while, the D-Plus is a progression from the Modal and Hotspur. The Modal is an S&S coupled Ti bike with Paragon dropouts that toggles from fixed, single, geared, and internal. The Hotspur is a Ti racing bike made with Feathertec tubing and a Reynolds carbon rear. Both bikes were intended to prove Ti is a relevant material, in a market flooded with carbon.

We’ve been discussing a Cross version of the Hotspur with modes like the Modal since I got back into Cross 3 years ago. The D-Plus has even larger diameter Feathertec tubes and Paragon track tips with a derailleur hanger.

In an earlier post, I said the bike is built to fight.

It’s also has soul. It’s made here in Seattle, a city of makers and those that believe in what they do.

D-Plus Gully

Front end

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Pull to Refresh

Upon learning that Twitter was attempting to patent “pull to refresh” in iOS apps, I thought, “what do I pull to refresh?” Well, these brakes on the D-Plus for a start and then a tap at a brewpub; before that a shot from the espresso machine.


Our New Velocity Collection

Sublimated logo

While working on this copy for our new Velocity collection

Deep into the race scene we went, lurking around the showers at Paris-Roubiax to capture the essence of Pro; a drop of embro’d Euro sweat was condensed in a lab and ultimately spun into our new fabrics. This kit will make you fast, sure, but being PRO is what it’s about.

a colleague who had just seen the jersey said, “now that’s a commitment to green!” And it is! This new kit from us is a commitment to the brand and what we do here. Our unabashed enthusiasm for the bike drives us to make the best gear we can and share it with you.

Full zip with racer fit

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