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Daily Bloggers

Dl Byron DL Byron
Byron, our Publisher and Blogger, is the Principal of Textura Design, Inc a company that specializes in building blogs for companies big and small. He knows so much about blogging, he wrote Publish & Prosper: Blogging for Your Business, a New Riders book.

He’s been a cycling enthusiast, Cat 2 Masters racer, and occasional tourist since 1994, when he started mountain biking the desert in Eastern Washington.

Byron’s rain bike is a custom titanium Davidson; he races on the Hotspur and Trek Madone SL; gets errands done on Bettie, a sport-utility bike, and travels with the Modal.

andrew Andrew Martin
Andrew is a technology consultant and frequent bike commuter/racer. He’s been riding seriously since his teens and continues to spend any free time on two wheels. Andrew lives in the Seattle area with his wife Sally, new baby boy, and dog.

Bikes: Madone SL (race), Trek Portland (rain), Coppi (fixed), “Mutt-bike” (SS cross)

Mark V Mark Villegas
Mark V works at a bike shop in Seattle where he makes absolutely no use of his college degree. He has raced road, track, cyclocross, and mountain … poorly for the most part. Among his greater accomplishments are climbing Mt Washington on a track bike with a time of 1hr20, riding a fixed-gear bicycle in 20 countries, delivering 11 large pizzas on the handlebar of a track bike in Gainesville FL, and sleeping behind a Las Vegas dumpster during Interbike 2003. As a messenger in Washington DC, Mark V came within 16 inches of mowing down Larry King as the geezer was jaywalking on Connecticut Ave.

Mark V is a specialist in fixed-gear and track bikes, and well-versed in bicycle design. He races Bianchi on the road, runs errands and races cross on a custom Davidson titanium road bike, and races the velodrome on a Sycip custom steel track bike. When traveling, Mark V brings an S&S coupling Sycip track/road convertible bike.

G Maynard Galen Maynard
Galen is a Sr. Buyer of Movies at, digital photo hobbyist, and frequent bike commuter who is drawn to cycling as a fun and practical means of transportation. He realized his interest in bicycles bordered on obsession after a room in his house officially became the “bike bedroom.” This occurred around the same time he returned from his first NAHBS with enough bike photos to require an investment in a larger hard drive. He became hooked on the bicycle Flickr community, contributing photos under the handle Dapper Lad Cycles.

Favorite bikes include a Stumpjumper converted Xtracycle, Surly Single Speed, and Campy equipped Mercian built up by Elliot Bay Bikes.

Jason Swihart Jason Swihart
Jason is principal in interactive development and consulting practice and formerly Director of Interactive at Colorado Ski Country USA, where he pioneered one of the ski industry’s first business blogs, Club Colorado. He’s been a ski enthusiast since 1974, when he started skiing in Aspen, CO at age 4. He blogs at Snow Hugger, one of our other huggers and joins us on Bike Hugger periodically.

Jason lives in Denver with his neurotic dog, Bailey. When not working on interactive projects for companies like NASA, Boeing, and Intel, he travels the world and skis Colorado’s mountains.

Episodic Bloggers

Dave R Dave R.
Dave’s most recent bout with cycling started about a decade ago after realizing bike commuting was nearly as fast as driving and 10,000 time more fun. Earlier episodes include a youthful interest in BMX; highs cool summer bike tours in the San Juans; and aspirations of doing the Ironman as a young man.

His interests run towards all weather commuting, safely arriving at ones destination, family cycling (especially as it relates to being a 1 car family of 4), tinkering, bicycle culture, community and lifestyle. Non cycling interests include photography, cooking and finding creative ways to fit cycling into the fun filled adventure of raising two kids. You can frequently find him riding Seattle critical mass with several hundred friendly strangers.

Current rides: 1986 Specialized StumpJumper (single-speed campus commuter), Dahon Boardwalk folding bike (converted to fixed for bus bound commuting), Surly 1x1 (fixed — rainy day commuter, trail-a-bike engine), Gary Fisher Tassajara mountain bike (still muddy), Van Dessel SuperFly + Xtracycle (cargo and kid hauling), and a unicycle. No, he can’t ride the uni yet.

kelli Kelli Currie
Kelli fell in love with cycling at age fifteen when she crested the continental divide on a tandem with her father. Since then, she’s dragged her (now) husband through the 320 humid miles of the 2002 Washington, DC AIDSRide, picked up a few centuries and chased her father through the 2006 Vancouver Marathon. Most recently, she rode the 204 miles of STP to claim the coveted One Day Rider designation.

A native Californian, Kelli now lives in Seattle with her husband and son. With a bachelor of science in Human Development, she is a certified personal trainer and owns a fitness company specializing in pre/post natal training. She’s a wannabe super-mom, a recovering technology geek, an aspiring writer and definitely not a runner.

Out on the open road, Kelli is riding a Giant OCR1 compact. More frequently, she’s found commuting around town on her “beater” Fisher Utopia, towing her precious cargo in a Burley Solo.

Frank Steele

Frank Steele

Frank Steele runs, the TV Guide of Tour de France-related web content. He’s ridden 35 centuries, including Cross Florida (now Bike Across Florida), every mile of 10 Tours of the Scioto River Valley, and three Bike Rides Across Georgia.

He has bike-commuted to work at Coca-Cola and in Atlanta, and led Bike To Work Day rides for the Atlanta Bicycle Campaign.

Current stable: 1991 Bridgestone RB-1, 2001 Trek 520, 1994 Santana Arriva, 1996 Klein Pulse Pro.

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