Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist (Trailer)

April will see the official release of James Erskine’s Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist, a feature-length documentary telling the story of Pantani’s dramatic rise and fall. Rapha will be commemorating the life and career of Il Pirata with a special edition Jersey due to be released in April.

Interesting and we didn’t see any PR on this yet, but found it on YouTube randomly, and a reminder that there were No Gifts for Pantani and Pantani in Pink Tuned into Chaos.

About Cascade


Cascade is reinventing itself

Bike Hugger’s coverage of Team Rwanda and riding with Rafiki didn’t anticipate Cascade Bicycle Club on the front page of the The Seattle Times or the joke email this week that offended some of their members. That was just timing and as an opinion blog, we don’t do politics, but support Major Taylor 100%.

Cascade’s issues and how they work in Seattle is their challenge. In back channels, I’ve expressed my opinion on how they can become better community members. An opportunity may arise this year for us to produce an event together, a Seattle Mobile Social.

If that happens, it’s a non-political and not a fund-raising event.

Beer, Bourbon, and or Bud Ride


A Seattle Bourbon

With as many distilleries as weed shops and breweries in Sodo (South of downtown neighborhood), we decided to stop in and try a tasting. 2Bar Bourbon, at least the batch we had, is superb and the only bourbon made here in Seattle. As we learned from the hostess, 2Bar takes it from grain to glass. That means the entire process, including the mash is handled by them with local grains. Tasting notes were spice, butterscotch, and a smoothness in a Manhattan. I recommend you ride in and try their flavors. That’s what we we did and left with a bottle.

In the neighborhood of 2Bar are Pike, Georgetown, Schooner Exact, Emerald City Beer Company, and Pyramid. And between them, all the legal weed shops the state will allow.

For bike tourism, that’s a weekend.

More photos from 2Bar on our on G+ page.

Riding Out of the Rain


Magnolia to the North

It’s February on the cusp of March, and after something of a reprieve the rains returned, seemingly intent on making up for lost time. And thus the Pacific Northwest cyclist resumes a battle against the elements, more of a prolonged trench war than open combat. Day-in/day-out of sodden riding, waiting for the armistice of late spring sunshine to end the torment.

We rode to the hill over there, north of us, up to Magnolia in the dreeping rain. After the climb, the canopy of a wooded path protected us however briefly.

Out of the rain

Out of the rain and under the canopy of a wooded path

Descending and back home, the Space Needle was on our left, enveloped in the elements. On my mind was the Ride with Rafiki. That’ll linger longer than this rain.

Foggy Needle

The dreeping fog and rain enveloped the Space Needle

Huggacast 159: Ride with Rafiki

Our 159th Huggacast is an edit of a Ride with Rafiki for our podcast audience. Rafiki taught me that team is team.

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Rising from Ashes soundtrack samples were composed by Joshua Myers.


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