Track Stand Patterns

trackstand one

Stop sign decals

Patterns of stickers on the back of stop signs always interest me. I see so many of them at intersections, like this one while another cyclists did a track stand.

Track stand

Come See Turkey by Bike

Turkey By Bike

Photo by Pketron

With a rock to steady it against wall and a plastic bag covering the seat, this bike seems ready to ride around the block in Turkey. Pei Ketron spotted it for us while traveling in Turkey during the Come See Turkey event happening now. We haven’t ridden there, but have heard about it, just like Croatia, and the Tour of Turkey was last month. Also see this crazyguyonabike post.

The first 90kms or so were very flat… a real treat after all of the tough hills so far this trip. We were feeling pretty good about ourselves and our fast speeds for the first 3.5hrs, and then everything changed. We hit a section of gravel road through a construction zone that lasted about 10kms. To make it even more fun, we also had a strong headwind as well. The last 30kms of the trip were rolling hills that gave us 1092m of climbing before we staggered into Didim.

Bike Hugger Magazine: Version 1.1


Screenshot from Issue 11

As the Version 1.1 release notes say:

Baby needs a new pair of shoes! This release includes great performance improvements, the ability to share and read your iOS subscription on the web (and vice versa), and a new coat of paint. Annual subscriptions are also available for the first time.

Besides the UI refresh, Bike Hugger subscribers can now read us on the web and iOS devices with the same account. Earlier this year, we offered the webview for Droid or Windows users and now the iOS accounts are synced.

When we launched our magazine, see the thinking here, we weren’t sure how our readers would respond. We believed in it, of course, but didn’t want to over commit to a year if it wasn’t a success and only offered monthly subscriptions or per issue.

A year into the mag and with this release, we’ve changed from monthly to annual and are fully committed.

Thank you for being part of what we do, ad-free. Subscription revenues directly support the writing, editing, and production of Bike Hugger Magazine. It’s published monthly for $3.99 an issue or now $15.99 a year.

We’re working on our 13th issue now…

Danny MacAskill Epecuen Trailer

Danny’s back! And this time his new playground is an abandoned village in Argentina. After spending 25 years underwater, it’s now re-emerged for the first time and Epecuén, named after the town itself, will see Danny take his biking back to the roots of trials riding, as he explores the forgotten town and pushes the limits as the world’s #1 freestyle trial rider.

Expect this entertain as much as his first movie, just hope it’s not a bunch of random stunts…

SCUD Missiles at Tuesday Worlds

Tuesday Worlds is tonight and the last time I was there, a train came up the left side for the sprint and promptly fell apart with racers ejecting left and right. This caused total chaos. Luckily no one crashed out or got hurt. Last week at the ATOC, on-board cameras were allowed and for the first time, we get an inside look at a Pro sprint.

I asked El Gato about what we’re seeing on YouTube and he said, “Pro racing isn’t amateur racing.” And, “Look at what goes on in the paint at an NBA game when they are positioning for a rebound!” What the cameras showed in the ATOC is what goes on and what amateurs shouldn’t attempt; especially, when primarily concerned with Strava segments or personal bests. Taking those risks are OK if you know how to drive your bike and everybody else around you does. We used to get fast by going on the group ride, but now the coaching boom has created a generation of SCUD missiles from kids on trainers doing Vo2 max intervals.

They are really powerful. Can do incredible damage and not really sure where they’re gonna land. Here’s Meyerson’s take on the cameras and the sprint:

My prediction is that on-board cameras will change field sprinting at the top level. Field sprinting is dirty, dangerous business, and so much happens in the last 5 or 10K that no one ever sees … I’ve been wondering how rider behavior would change if the camera could capture it all. Watch Degenkolb take his hand off the bars and push people out of the way, lean into people with his elbow, and almost crash riders coming back as he passes them. And then watch him get chopped off by his own leadout guy, which likely cost him the win. This is all absolutely normal.

This is also part of what upsets me when people ride aggressively at the wrong times, especially in local races. As I’ve said in the races many times, “if you ride like a dick, you’re going to force me to ride like a dick. And most likely, I’m better at riding like a dick then you are.”

Note that now officially old, get-off-my-lawn racers, if they show up, can out dick ride aggressive riders. As the saying goes, “Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.”

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