Love That Dirty Water, Seattle You’re My Home


When this bike arrived to demo, it was like ‘I’m not a player, I just crush a lot.’

Stopped along the Duwamish to get this shot and was reminded of the Standell’s song

And that was stuck in my head for the rest of the ride. The river was turbid, churning with mud and dirt from a storm front that sent torrents of rain interspersed with a few sun breaks. That’s why we ride fender bikes in the rainy season. They’re for putting the miles in rain or shine. Yesterday it was both.

10 Things Loved in 2013

Not subscribed to our Magazine yet? Well, we love you much as those that are too (well almost as much), so here’s an article about things that Matt Hill loved in 2013. Matt knows his stuff, so listen up…

10.) DI2 and disc brakes on my cross bike…

I only managed to get the darn thing built up in time for one race, but that race was the Bend Ice Bowl, and folks? When you can’t feel your hands, all the arguments against disc brakes & electronic shifting disappear. Quickly. A revelation.

9.) Flo Wheels

They aren’t light, but they’re aerodynamic as all get-out, and they’re bomb-proof. 
…and cheap. Holy cow, these things are inexpensive. You get to pick 3 out of 4, right?

8.) The new “light” drink mixes…

Eat your calories, drink your electrolytes. Makes sense to me. Makes sense to enough people that all the bigger players in the sport nutrition game are jumping on the bandwagon. Cliff’s new product in the category is pretty great, and that’s what I’m soaking in now.

7.) Rolling resistance testing of tires…

Thanks to folks like Al Morrison and Tom Ahnhalt, riders can now make informed decisions about gear that will actually make them faster. Better yet? The manufacturers have been paying attention, and have responded with better, faster products. The same thing is starting to happen with aerodynamic testing. Excellent.

6) The Castelli Gabba Jersey…

If you race bikes in the rain, you should buy one. Full-stop. The very rarest of things, an absolutely perfect product.

5) A ridiculous little bell on my bike…

Yup. I put a ridiculous little bell on my bike. 
It’s absolutely flabbergasting how effective a tiny little “ping” is at clearing a path through normally oblivious multi-use trail traffic. It sounds like Mary Poppins rolling through, but people clear out like you’re aiming a cannon their way. Who knew?

4) The Hola App for the Chrome browser…

The UCI has a YouTube page, and they live-stream a huge portion of the year’s race calendar on it, including all the Cyclocross World Cup races (Women’s races included!)
The problem, though?
They sold video rights in the US to a cable channel that isn’t available in my area. As a result, the YouTube feed is blocked, and there’s no way to watch on the TV.
What’s a desperate fan to do? Click the Hola button on the browser toolbar, and YouTube thinks you’re watching from the UK, or Denmark, or Belgium… wherever the feed originates. Problem solved.

3) Cyclocross Nationals are in Austin next year…

Yeah, this is a year away, but I already love it. Get ready for a weird time…

2) The rise of Enduro Racing…

People having FUN racing their bikes? Damn…

1) Pat McQuaid out on his ass…

‘Nuff said, eh?

Issue 09: Valentines

Be Our Valentine

Issue 09 of our Magazine, dropping on iTunes today, is a Valentines Day edition with articles about lust, love, and heartbreak on the bike. Quotes from the articles include

  • But from that vantage I knew at once that she was a cyclist. – Nick Verstain
  • It’s not that you can’t find something to love in bikes. It just might not be the bikes themselves. – Chris Matthews
  • Chavez threaded the needle over an icy patch on the road that would’ve broke the pelvis or hip of anyone else. – Byron
  • I would buy/borrow a new one, get rid of the old bike and feel nothing. It wasn’t until that Trick Star that I truly fell in love with a bike. – Matt Haughey
  • Then he disappears in the garage or goes on a training ride. He’s been racing for 3 years and moved up to a cat 2. – Zanne Blair
  • It’s an exciting time of the year full of possibilities. Imaginations are fired. Wonderful new bikes are born. – Dwight Jurling
  • People aren’t like bikes; people get jealous. – Mark V

The theme pulsed a nerve with all of the authors, inspiring them to write emotional pieces about the bike and love. I paused while editing to consider my relationships and why I ride so much. Also remembered to NOT give a lover bike parts for both of you to share!

Subscription revenues directly support the writing, editing, and production of Bike Hugger Magazine. It’s ad free and published monthly on iTunes for $1.99 per month or $3.99 an issue. Droid users you can find us on Google Play.

Free Terns and Lumias at SXSW

Terns Like THis

Ride around with us taking photos with Lumias on Terns, like this

Today Nokia announced their new Lumia Icon and that’s one of the phones we’re loaning out with a Tern during SXSW Interactive this year. Yep, we’ve got a fleet of bikes and demo phones for you to ride and try in Austin. To sign up, visit our Free Tern and Lumia page and fill in the Google Doc. That’s it.

If you make the list, Nokia will contact you, and we hope you bring the Tern and Lumia with you to the Mobile Social and ride with us. It’s on Sunday March 9th and during the ride, we’ll pull focus to mobile photography with guests Dan Rubin, Jeremy Dunn, and our own David Schloss.

Fly6 HD Camera & Tail-Light Combo

Packages with lights normally arrive from Australia by way of our friends at Knog. We’ve got their latest Blinders in and they’re attached to our bikes. Today, a combination rear blinky and camera arrived from Fly6. That they got a model to pick her nose in a cheeky video AND were first to market with a rear dash cam for bikes, deserves credit. I’ve talked with several manufactures about similar products and at CES was looking for onboard cams.

Fly6 is Kickstarting the HD Camera & Tail-Light Combo and we’ve got it in on test. More credit for sending out review product ahead of their launch. Read about it on their Kickstarter and here’s the detail you want to know

Fly6 ships with a Class 10, 8GB microSD card which has capacity to record two hours of Fly6 footage before the looping function kicks in to overwrite previously recorded footage in 15 minutes ‘chunks’.

Fly6 Camer

Fly6 Camera

Also doesn’t it remind you of the original Vistalite? I have one of those on my workbench, as an emergency back up. Get the Fly6 via Kickstarter or direct for $169.00 (AUD).

First impressions are that’s a nice looking light AND it has a camera. Now to charge it and record video on a loop….

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