Kimmage Interviews Froome about a Book Walsh Wrote

It is a shitty business…Kimmage interviews Froome about a book Walsh wrote and Michelle gets teary during it. He’s upset we think he’s a doper, but understands it. He’s really upset about the TUE thing, even though he never shared his asthma with us.

I wrote about Froome and his clothing sponsor Rapha in a post on Medium last week. One of our contributors, Tim Jackson, addresses his stem looking on Red Kite Prayer

It’s Tour time, which means three weeks of Chris Froome staring at stems… but what else were you going to do with the month?

The Climb is available from Amazon now for as an $14.97 eBook and $23.38 hardcover. My take is that if the most unlikeable Maillot Jaune wearer were a villain, it may work, but instead he’ll just look down at his stem. As we learn in the book and interview, with his mind 10 years ahead.

Though if his exit plan in the next decade includes hotels and condos, like George the Loyalist, he’ll do just fine.

Tour de France: A Few Things You Need to Know

Best Tour de France Promo we’ve seen….

Barfly Mount for Cateye….um, cool for a moment

This is a tale of plastic:

I have a sordid little secret. I’m not really techie when it comes to electronics. I don’t have a Garmin or other form of GPS, and I’ve never remotely been interested in Strava. I just want the basics: speed, distance, time, and I don’t want to bolt on a flatscreen telly to the stem to get those. A simple, cheap Cateye is all that’s necessary, but how to mount it in an elegantly clean manner? Enter the Barfly handlebar mount for Cateye cyclo-computers. Nice and discreet piece of plastic cleverness.

Then came a crash. Pop goes the plastic. And there exits the Barfly handlebar mount for Cateye. It was nice while it lasted.

Now the computer is mounted to the stem.


Saw Mark V on the Climb

My favorite part of this story, is when Gluckman texted me during the Leavenworth Grand Fondo and said, “just saw Mark V on the climb.”

And that was it.

Nothing else like which climb, he looked good, or was dying, or whatever. Then I didn’t hear from either of them for like another week, so I conclude, “oh that’s not good.”

Mark’s rode-a-dirt-fondo story originally appeared in Issue 13, available now on iTunes and the Web for $4 an issue or $16 annually. I’m sharing it for free this weekend in the Medium Bicycles Collection. I hope you follow us on Medium too and considering subscribing.

Gran Fondo Leavenworth

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Mark will ride in an Idaho you don’t know.

PressCamp 14: Cannondale Synapse

Cannodale’s Synapse

It’s not like we have anything against Cdale. It’s just however the demos align in a season, we haven’t spent much time on their bikes. So when I was meeting with them during PressCamp, I asked Bill their PR guy, what bike he thought I should ride. He said this one, the Synapse. Then rolled it outside for some photos.

Fork asymetrical, perhaps?

Do the front brakes pull that fork to the left?

I rode their Evo during the SRAM Hydro launch and as soon as the Synapse arrives, I’m on it. Jim told me it is one of his favs and I’ll want to know if the front brake pulls the fork to the left, how it does on the big hits, and what the all-day comfort is like.

High moduls

High modulus and comfortable? A’ight

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