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Below is a story about a delightful green bike — a green Silver Eagle — as it was forwarded to Bike Hugger. It’s a tale of a bike lost and a bike found. With a bonus lesson on U-lock strength. Read on huggas, it’s a heart-warming tale …

Last year I had a delightful green bike which Pam (ed note: that’s the motha hugga) helped me fix up. A vintage green women’s bike with funny front shifters, a leather seat, Gregg’s Cycles stickers and drop down handles. It was love, true love. We rode together, and crashed together.

Then, last June it was tragically stolen out of my yard. I called the police and filed a Missing Bike Report, and was told that my chances of finding it were next to nil.

Exactly a year later, this Friday I was with a friend looking for parking behind Bauhaus on Capitol Hill when we found a spot, and I got out and realized the bike locked to the electric pole was my beloved Silver Eagle!

Green Silver Eagle

Dapper Cyclist from Olympia

While I don’t condone the no-hand, no-helmet move performed by this rider. I do genuinely like his bicycle fashions. It isn’t often, I’ll see a cyclist sporting a tie. Based on the post describing Vélocouture, I’ll be keeping an eye out for dapper clad cyclists and posting them from time to time.

Uploaded by Dapper Lad Cycles | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Burrito Box Bike

These girls told me they were on their way to get burritos for lunch and they put them in that cardboard box on the front of the bike.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Sexy Helmet Safety

How I find this stuff? It’s just what I do … a fun and sexy Helmet Safety/Music Video from the B:C:Clettes.

We totally need a performance like this at a our next Mobile Social. And there’s a throwdown challenge for the no-helmet cyclists! Top this video!

Standard disclaimer: helmet use or lack thereof does not necessarily reflect the view of Bike Hugger or its affiliates.

Kona Sutra Seattle Commuter Bike

Kona commuter spotted downtown Seattle. Wet weather ready - fender clad, disc brakes, Knogs, Brooks saddle and bar tape…

Uploaded by Dapper Lad Cycles | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

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