Bike Guilt

I’ve been relatively silent lately. Let’s be completely honest, I’ve been missing-in-action without a reasonable excuse except to say that thinking about, talking about, or blogging about bikes makes me sad.

We just welcomed our second child and I’ve been out of the saddle for too long. Recovering from pregnancy, I’m not able to throw the newborn into the trailer for a quick ride. And managing two children means increased guilt when leaving my supportive non-roadie husband home to watch them both while go for a spin. Each day, more cyclists settle into summer. And each day my heart aches to get out there for longer than a trip to the grocery store.

My mood was lifted this afternoon though, as I realized that Le Tour and Cyclefest are nearly upon us. So while I may not get much actual riding in this summer, I’ll happily sit in front of the television and watch the big guns take to the mountains of France.

Public Bike Rental in Lyon France

Inspired by the recent post on Montreal’s roll out of a high tech, public bike rental fleet, I’ve come across this example of successful program in Lyon.

Flickr contributor beppovox’s road these bikes and had the following to say:

“Rates are quite low, more or less around 1€ per hour.”
“The first 30 minutes are free - to encourage small commuting and the rotation of the bikes at the numerous stations.”
“Bikes are really heavy but the ride is pretty smooth, they have two drum brakes, 3 internal gear, lights and a small lock.”

Have you run across a similar program while traveling in the US or abroad? What experience have you had with public bike rental as an alternative means of transportation?

Uploaded by beppovox | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Introducing a Squoval

That’s a square-oval shaped, 42mm rim – a squoval – developed by Hed with Cervelo.

In the wind tunnel, air reportedly “whips right over the squoval” v. wedge shapes …

On test now with reports to follow.

Unsung commuter wheel from Mavic

speedcity.jpg It’s easy to miss Mavic’s Speedcity wheelset among their road racing and mtn offerings; I think that Mavic missed a chance to jump on the commuter trend by not marketing this more. Mavic bills this as a way to road train on your mtb, but they should have said that this wheelset with their innovative spoking system and superb hub design is good to go in your disc-equipped 700C road/commuter bike. This would be a fine upgrade for many riders.

Montreal’s Public Bike System

A turnkey bike solution for public transportation systems is presented on this website and by the city of Montreal. It’s not clear if the system is in operation, if this is just a brochure site, but regardless, check the details:

  • solar-power
  • wireless communication
  • completely modular

I’ve visited Montreal and it seemed like a good city to ride in. Do any of our readers from the Great North know more about this system?


Also noted on Wired.

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