Cadel’s Challenge

Cadel’s Yellow Jersey is definitely an achievement and worthy of praise, but I’m not seeing him as a champion or the patron. Love or hate Lance he was the boss and as Paul Sherwin would say, “he smacked his hand on the table” to let everyone know it.

I don’t expect much table smacking from Cadel and maybe it’s the end of the patron era? If he’s more like Indurain, he’s got to hang on through the mountains and demolish his competitors in the time trial. That seems unlikelly.

What do you think? Does Cadel have it? Can or will he attack? And does the Tour need a patron?

Photo Credit: JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Image

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Internally Geared Hub Collection

Every internally geared hub ever made. Maybe the Browning SmartShift wasn’t represented.

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Rest and be thankful

This crew is touring Scotland and stopped at the Rest and Be Thankful summit.

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Hugga Housekeeping

A few quick notes:

  • Tour de France category added to our AMZ Store.
  • New link blog for bike-related topics, photos, and random stuff found on the internets. Mainly stuff that doesn’t fit into the regular Hugga flow.
  • New Hincapie socks are shipping to us next week.
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Towards the Fall, we’re planning a huggier Interbike presence, a new urban bike project, and we’re giving away a Yuba Mundo.

Paris Velib Celebrates Frist Birthday

Bike Hugger has long been a fan of the metro bicycle rental model implemented in Paris under the moniker Velib. The popularity of the program has been attributed to the availability of bikes and stations which currently number 20,600 cycles and 1,450 rental stations. The success can also be traced back to the low cost for short trips. For 29€ a year, riders can check out a bike in 30 minute increments as often as he or she likes. The city estimates 120,000 trips are taken each day, logging 27.5 million trips in the first year of the project. Not bad for a city of 2.1 Million residents. To promote the movement, 365 Velib users will be chosen to cross the finish line during the July 27th culmination of the Tour de France.

The New York Times in depth coverage of Velib can be found here.

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