Surly Big Dummy, The Music Video

I found this time lapse photography video, of a Surly Big Dummy being built up from the frame and then ridden, (and surfed.) The whole thing is set to some Zen cycling music. Enjoy!

Trek Stop: Cycling Convenience

A stand, vending machine with some parts, and refreshments. Next up is a robot to lube your chain … like a Roomba, a lube Roomba.


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Club Cut Jerseys Now Shipping

The roomier Club Cut Jerseys are now in-stock and shipping from our Store. The cost is $79.00.

Order your jersey today and look as fit, sexy, and happy as these three amigos riding the Rockies!

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Floyd’s Failure


Every year, right before the tour we get either an update to a drug scandal or a new scandal. And this time it’s Floyd’s failure in the appeal process. The CAS scolded Floyd’s team for their aggressive tactics and attempts to embarrass and shame the lab.

What do you think? Did Floyd hurt his own case? Was he El Dope the whole time?

Sasquatch Bike

While the physics of this “bike” might be understood if photographed during the day… I’d like to think this peddle powered enigma, (much like Sasquatch), only appears at night. It wanders the streets of Minneapolis, and as seen here, is startled by the bright flash of a camera.

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