Mr. Chain Ring

A collection of rings for any gear inch…

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Huggers Spotted in Oregon

Hugga’s spotted toting 4th of July necessities on the bike paths of Sunriver OR.

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The 4th of July

Pam and I are racing bikes, there’s a cargo bike ride, what are you doing?


Heaviest Biker on Earth - 1898

This German postcard from 1898, depicts Emil Nauke. The post card claims that Emil is “the heaviest biker on Earth.”

Despite his rotund size, little feet, and belly that nearly touches the bars, Emil is dressed in dapper attire, and is proudly seated atop his bicycle for this photo. This funny oddity of cycling history, makes me think of Chris Farley in Tommy Boy. On the other hand, Emil is clearly a bike hugger, and this photo makes me want to shout, “Get on with your bad self Emil!”

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Plain Clothes riders

Plain clothes cyclist

It’s great to see all the commuters out on the Burke these days, but it’s even greater to see folks riding in their regular clothes, copenhagen style. This cyclist manages to pull it off with an unusual amount of panache for the great pacific northwest, goodonya says I.

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