A $3K Commuter

That’s a Civia built with Afline and Rohloff hub. Hugga spotted the bike at a shop last weekend – retails at about 3K. What’s remarkable about the bike is that there’s a market for a 3K commuter and the shop has sold a few. Those dollars could’ve gone to a high-end road, mountain, or custom bike. There was a lot of discussion about Civia when they first launched: was the US market finally ready (again) for Euro-style commuters, would anyone even buy a 1K commuter? Well, the answer is yes!

Talking with Civia a couple weeks ago, I learned that they’ve got another unique model coming in 09. We’ll post the details as soon as we get them. With Interbike coming up – the bike industry trade show – we’re also on the look out for more bikes like this.

Note: Alfine with Rohloff is one sweet set up.

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A Century that means something

One of my favorite areas to ride is out in Southwest King County down by Black Diamond. The rolling hills, quiet roads, and all the different livestock (I once saw an emu) make for some interesting routes. This Labor Day weekend the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is hosting a ride of various lengths - up to a century. It’s a chance to do a supported ride that actually means something. Get out and ride!

Bread Peddler

Who needs a cargo bike when you can do this?

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USA Cycling Face Masks

USA Cycling Athletes arrived in Beijing wearing facemasks and causing controversy. Yes, they could’ve took those off for the greeting line and then back on, but there’s irony that a country obsessed with “face” (I wrote about that yesterday), has athletes covering theirs. I expect long commentary about the masks. One upside of the Beijing Olympics and air quality is the anticipation of new, breakthrough asthma medications for people like myself.


Photo Credit: Yves Herman/Reuters

The new Campagnolo Ergopower shape: Good or Bad?

Veloce%20Ergopower.jpg While I was down in Hayward CA visiting Bianchi, I got a chance to fondle the new Campagnolo Ergopower for Veloce. I didn’t actually get to ride it, but I can tell straight off if I’m gonna like a handlebar or hood. I’m not a Campagnolo fan at heart, but I gotta tell ya…I kinda like the new lever. It felt good in my hands. However, I keep hearing a lot of unkind words about the aesthetics. What’s your judgement: enlightened functionality or just plain hideous?

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