Yahoo Purple Pedals Bike

Bikehugger took possession of this Yahoo Purple Pedals Bike named Yodelicious, and we’ve been riding it around Seattle. We’re excited to take it down to Oregon Manifest this weekend. If you see us in Portland say Hello, and wave to the camera. You can track us real time while we’re in Portland after the jump.

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Oregon Manifest this Weekend

OR Manifest

I’m not heading South, but I know a few who are. If you’re in Portland, or even close - stop in to ogle the latest in handmade bike pr0n.

Tax Break for Employers of Bike Commuters

The $700 bazillion Wall Street bailout package has just one tiny thing that any cyclist should be pleased about. There is a $20/month tax break for employers for each bike commuter employee as an incentive for companies to reduce petrol consumption and infrastructure demands.

The money is for the employer to reimburse employees “for the purchase of a bicycle and bicycle improvements, repair, and storage, if such bicycle is regularly used for travel between the employee’s residence and place of employment.

To many people, this tax cut is probably like a delectable chocolate left on a pillow while staying at the Bates Motel… a nice gesture in an otherwise horrific nightmare. Within Senate and House of Representatives, many supporters of this tax break actually voted against the bill while otherwise being favorable to the cyclists’ tax break riding the bill. In the past, the tax break had been riding bills for environmental, transportation, or energy issues that failed.

Glowing Disk Wheel

HED Disc

I’ve already posted about the cool reflective wheel options at Interbike. When I rolled into the HED booth, they had their wheels backlit - this disk cover was like a glowing alien ship. Not sure it serves any purpose for most of our readers, but I want one, and then of course I need to hire someone to ride next to me with a bright light.

Fixed in Rome

Having seen only a handful of bikes, I was surprised when this fixie ride by us near the Coliseum. I barely got the shot and think it was a Nishiki time trial frame.

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