Mudageddon in Austin: CX Natz Canceled


Muddy course and in those trees, roots getting exposed, Photo: DBC

In case you missed it, it was Mudageddon in Austin after heavy rains and the last day of CX Natz was canceled to prevent more park damage to heritage trees.

As James Huang said on his Facebook.

If I understand correctly, it’s effectively considered an honor to have a ‘cross course permanently burned into your land in Belgium.

In the US, following this fiasco, an environmental impact statement is gonna be required.

I’m hearing lots of reaction and blame. While a developing story, what I understand at this time is that running thousands of racers on back to back days was/is the issue. 2-3 courses are required for events like this, in precious city parks, and unusual, biblical rain. Providence spent $50k on AstroTurf to protect the trees before the cancellation. The rain also shut down a weekend of events, besides racing.

I’m not there, but contributors Matt Hill, Shawn O’Keefe, and Dennis Crane are reporting for us. On Friday, issue 20 dropped and included a report and gallery from the single speed races.

The general cluelessness of USA Cycling in Austin reminds me of this one time when the TT course at road Natz was on the shoulder of an Interstate. Just like CrossVegas and also shared in issue 20, “Was Steve Johnson there?”

Huggacast Shorts: Issue 20 Drops

While the first take was interrupted by a pug, got the second one, and in this short we share the Issue 20 cover story.

Issue 20: The Evolution of Competition Comic


The Evolution of Competition is a free comic and appears in the latest issue of Bike Hugger magazine that drops today on iTunes and the Web.

Vice Sports: BMX

Vice Sports launched last year and today features Nigel Sylvester, one of BMX’s most recognizable figures and with a life and career that are anything but typical of the sport.

SRAM Force 22 and Zipp 30s

Force 22 with Quarq

Force 22 updated with Quarq

Patrick Brady did that thing where he wrote the story I was gonna write, so I didn’t have to, but should have, but just look at his…it’s true, my rain bike has been built up with Force 22 since the summer of 14. I just updated it with a Quarq for a story late this spring too. There’s a reason Patrick contributes to our magazine, we’re on the same wave length about most bike things; music too, and travel bikes, but we don’t discuss politics.

It used to be that any time you purchased one of a component manufacturer’s second-tier groups, you gave up significant amounts of performance. Sure, you got to keep a few sawbucks, but in the bargain you got something that was heavier, didn’t shift as well, didn’t stop as well and didn’t last as long. Remind me not to buy a car from that guy. Shimano could be particularly egregious with this, and went so far to use a wider spacing between cassette cogs just to make sure the shifting wasn’t as good as that found on Dura-Ace.

Quarq 22

The Force 22 group costs $1176, down from $1400 or so when it was first released. The same value applies to the Zipp 30 wheels…ridden the shit out of them in the rain and they’re doing just fine and at under $1K for a wheelset.

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