An Epic Run by Danny Hart

To have one run, ride like that makes the hard work worth it; especially, when form and fitness is so fleeting.

Sarto First Look on Google Play

Sarto First Look

Celebrating our arrival on Google Play Newsstand, a first look at Sarto’s Custom Hydro Disc. Written for us by Charles Manantan, read it now with your Android device, next month in our iOS magazine, and watch for the full review in Pez Cycling.

There still seems to be loads of chat room conversation talking about the merits (or lack of) regarding disc brakes on the road… The funny thing is, virtually nobody slating the product has used it in it’s proper form. Half (or less) Hydraulic systems where any cable is involved are not the same thing…

Charles is right and the most fun I’ve had on a road ride recently was a hydro-equipped bike. After racing a season of Cross in the mud and dirt, it’s miles on gravel and pavement.

On Google Play Newsstand

For all them droid users

Now on all your Droid devices

We’re now available on Google Play Newsstand for our followers with Android devices. The Newsstand app is where you’ll find content from our blog, G+, Instagram, and YouTube ad free, and optimized for your mobile devices. Occasionally, we publish features to the Newsstand and soon will offer our exclusive Magazine content.

On Play

The Newsstand launched earlier this week bringing together all of your favorite news sources in one experience, including the Hugga!

Subscribe to us on the Play Newsstand today and read about our next bike adventure in Alaska.

Huggacast Shorts: Pro Chain Cleaner

A cassette body, skewer, solvent on the chain, cloth, it’s cleaned – Calvin’s version is made with a six shooter barrel.

calvin tool

38 Special cleaner

Ask Jeff to show you this trick at Cycle U tomorrow during their Health Symposium. We’ll be there.

Cyclocross Explodes in the Pacific Northwest

Written and produced by Nina Milligan with photography by DBC Photo, this video slideshow captures the best of Cyclocross racing in the Seattle area during the 2013 season. For my MFG story, see The Roulette Wheel of a Race and a why we love Cross moment on Suffer Faces.

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