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We’re back in Vegas for another Strip ride, but earlier than usual (back for Interbike later in September) and this time with SXSW during the V2V conference.

SXSW V2V is the newest addition to the SXSW family of events. It’s an extension and re-imagining of the legendary SXSW experience with an emphasis on the creative spark that drives entrepreneurial innovation.

On Monday night, August 12, we’ll meet near the Bellagio fountains at 7 PM and ride to the networking parties and music showcases. Details on our Mobile Social page. RSVP on Facebook and Schemer.

We’ll also catch a session or two during the conference, the event has attracted names like Tony Hsieh, Steve Case, and Lauren Bush Lauren.

30 Days of Bicycle Tomfoolery in New Zealand

Occasionally in the news feed of bikes taking over cities, some ridiculous CAD pr0n that’ll never get made, or yet another Kickstarter project something different like this blips. It’s a sheep thing with fighting eels called Not Bad and a movie about 30 Days of Bicycle Tomfoolery in New Zealand.

Available on iTunes.

Giant’s Decker & 650B crashing cyclocross racing

Hi, it’s Mark V after a fairly long absence from writing on the main BH blog, though you can catch my tech writing on Bike Hugger’s new downloadable magazine (hint, hint!) . I’ve been busy wrenching on bikes during the summer rush and raiding old folks’ homes for drugs with my new pal Amanda Bynes. Byron tipped me off to Carl Decker crashing some “mid-summer’s cx race” on a 27.5” dualie. First off, anyone using the term “27.5 inch” in reference to effing old as dirt rim standard 650B will be taken out back and beaten. Eff all you industry imbeciles and your whining about how consumers cannot comprehend the name 650B; for as Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would still be the only tyre size in between old skool 26 and yesterday’s hype 29er. And if you are a consumer and you really do have trouble grasping the idea that 650B is merely a convenient recycle of a well-established industry standard, I weep for you……now get out of my face.

Schwalbe tyres 700C & 650B 02

As Byron mentioned, Giant-sponsored rider Carl Decker showed up to some Raleigh hosted “Midsummer’s Night Cyclocross Race” in Park City, Utah and took a bike swap from his Red22 Hydro-disc equipped Giant CX bike to a brand new 650B-wheeled dual-suspension Giant Anthem mtb. Now to some people this seemed like another Manuel Beastley incident. Three or four months ago during the Sea Otter Classic a video hit the interwebs showing a guy named “Manuel Beastley” racing and “dominating” several events on a “Walmart-sourced fatbike.” While not quite spreading as virally as Joey’s OK, Manuel Beastley became a legend due to the populist appeal of an underdog vs the pros and increasingly cultish fervor from fatbike advocates. And who wouldn’t find the story of a fun-lovin’ nobody literally coming out of the woods to trounce the professional riders on a bike that cost less the shoes of the elites? And the fact that he did it with a fatbike provided the incontrovertible proof that 4-5” tyres were everything the cycling mainstream ever wanted. The problem is that 1) Manuel Beastley didn’t dominate any races and 2) he doesn’t exist.

A Bubble Wrap Bike

Sometimes the web hands you a counter to your opinion! Yesterday I wrote and over thought the PR problem cyclists have. Today a video of a bubble wrap bike drops on YouTube. It is awesome cause you could ride that thing all day popping pockets of air in traffic with distinction, sounding like a stovetop popcorn popper as you pedal.

Can do that in a car! Make them drivers even more envious of the liberating fun you’re having on a bike and they’ll give you plenty of room on the road too.

Obey Bike Lane

Things seen while riding now include, Obey Bike Lane street art

In my travels, see much to Obey and in Asia they Obey Chicken. Along the Seattle waterfront is where you can ride over this art, in Myrtle Edwards park.

There are three total and the first two aren’t as well drawn or painted. Unfamiliar with Obey, learn more here. Obey is street art and a viral marketing campaign by Shepard Fairey, who’s most known now for his Obama Hope posters.

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