A Few Moments of the Giro


Nibali in the Mist

Recovering from what I repeatedly called the Worst Giro Ever and complained about tired narratives, the Cima Coppi stage was epic. What fans expect in the mountains and even if we couldn’t see Nibali’s face suffering in the cold, wet, snowy fog. Cycleboredom recaps the stage and reminds us that the sport endures, despite how self-destructive it is.

Then Vincenzo, like so many Grand Tour champions before him, rose from the saddle to stamp his authority on what was already his. Watts per kilogram wasn’t the preferred measurement as the distance to his rivals grew, it was panache per square inch. The tifosi’s already intoxicated mindset was whipped into a frenzy along the switchbacks of Tre Cime di Lavaredo as Nibali emitted raw, unrefined panache in a pheremone-esque fashion.

If you missed the entire 3 weeks, here’s a recap in 140 characters

Cargo Cut


Cargo Cut

That’s Guy Browne on a trip to Mattick’s Farm. 22 miles of bakfiets fun and we noticed how cut his calves are, even when the bro is riding cargo.

Cargo cut.

Strava’d Out

Simon New

More segments than miles

When there are more segments on a route than miles, Strava is played out. A UI that brilliantly renders ride data is lost to the gamification of cycling. Segments are self-quantified expression in a virtual race, a prosthetic cultural happening updated with each upload. Simon Masters was out riding and introduced himself to others on the route. The response

I know you, you’re the KOM of….

He is? Here’s a new game, find a route that hasn’t been strava’d, ride it, and commit it to memory. If in a sharing mood upload the KML to Google, like this or this. And remember, at stoplights, the Garmins shut off.

Ren Ren

Biggest lens wins, right?

Strava is like tourists with DSLRs. Who’s got the biggest one or really the best shot?

Photo: Ren Ren.

Don’t Drive the Emma Way

Emma Way in song.

Aero Is Everything, including Small Dogs

Aero Dogs

The most aero dog is?

As you’ve likely read by now, Spesh built their own wind tunnel in Morgan Hill. Having been on campus a few times, we know they crew that works there has a sense of humor. In the off hours expect they’ve either tested kegs v. cases of beer OR dogs. And it’s dogs!

Continuing to joke around, made this graphic earlier in the week…Yes, Smithers, #aeroiseverything

yes, smithers

and think that little Frenchie we met there would be most aero with a ball diffusing air around a bulky head.

frenchie aero

Frenchie aero

Next, test my working theory please

Photos: Aero dog John Friedrich; Frenchie David Schloss

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