IKEA Flat Pack Hack: Dandy Horse

Brilliant! See the full hack here. HT Rob Hanson. And when junior or juniorette wants to go outside with it? Bond old tires onto the wooden wheels

BlocBoi Fame Disrespectful Fixie


Added to the bike music playlist and this comment from Eddie11229 stands out, in an otherwise standard YouTube hate-filled thread…

if you don’t ride fixie obviously you won’t F with this song. those who live the fixie life vibe with this shit. this songs pretty dope. haters, go back to your freewheels

HT to @cyclelicious and Go Means Go.

Huggacast Shorts: Fixie Tow

A fixie, skateboard, tow rope, and a couple bros.

Taco Truck Stop

Taco Truck Stop

Taqueria El Rincon

My first bonk of the year was yesterday. Not from riding hard or that long, just didn’t eat enough. Also the thing with gluten-free pancakes is they fill your belly, but without a lot of calories. Couple hours in and the conversation stopped, we both got cranky, and decided to pull into a parking lot in Southpark at a taco truck. Ordered a burrito as big as my head and shared it.

Back on the road, we both felt much better and headed home. Earlier this month, Mark’s bonk was much worse and yesterday I linked to an article about how your body only uses what it needs and turns the rest into fat.

Pregnant Stun Gunner Attacks Messenger

Quite the headline and story from the SPD Blotter yesterday. Of course we hope the messenger is ok, the attackers (it was a 2 stun gun situation) get prosecuted, and road rage isn’t tolerating in our city. There’s also a movie script in that scene, a follow-up to Premium Rush…

Joseph Gordon Levitt is back as a messenger. Anne Hathaway as very pregnant holster bra wearer. Nic Cage as the down-on-his-luck driver with a itchy honk hand and bad aim. It has Academy of Golden Spirit Globes written all over it. Most compelling line “don’t kick my sedan, you asshole messenger. It’s a lease!”

Followed by brakes are death and don’t taze me preggo!

Jokes aside, the messenger wasn’t hurt and follow Seabikeblog for updates on the story.

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