Road Holland Overhauls Road Jersey

It seems a lot of companies are trying to refine the style of clothing for the road cyclist, and that’s a part of a trend that we’ve been commenting on for some time.

On trainer The problem to be solved is the same: tight-fitting and logo-clad lycra is growing old and many hard core riders are looking for something more comfortable and less garish. The solutions vary however, and some are much better at producing clothing that feels good on the bike and on the body.

The guys at Road Holland have approached this with a line of clothing that evokes yesteryear’s wool without the odd fit and form of the old sheep hair kits.

They sent us a few pieces to test and this, the Arnhem, fits great on the bike but looks good enough that I often just keep wearing it all day long. It’s a 40/60 wool/poly blend, so it’s just tight enough to keep from filling up like a kite in a breeze.

For $150 it’s a good price point for a full-length-sleeve jersey (I’ve got many, many short sleeve jerseys that are more expensive and not nearly as comfortable.)

Snow Biking Park City


Moonlander on the Snow

Finished our Snow Biking adventures in Park City yesterday on Surly Moonlanders. White Pine Touring provided the bike and guide HD. We rode the bike path from the shop to Owens Valley. Plowed through soft snow and muddy single track, took some photos, and rode back. Moonlander was fun, like all fat bikes, and still think the Fatbacks have the best geo and ride. At times, riding ahead of me, HD had the clean lines and would wash out the trail leaving me sputtering to a stop. On the descents, we steered with our butts, letting the front float and applying brakes when needed.


Decided to NOT destroy the trail here and walked our bikes

For my take on Snow Biking and Fat Bikes, see the Wired feature and Snow Bike tag.

Couple of Moonlanders

Couple of Moonlanders

More photos on G+ and Flickr.

Built 13 Lineup


Tic Brown at Built 12

Back again for SXSW 2013, Built is our bike-themed maker event with Francisco Cassis of Bicycled, Swarm Collector Creator RobRoy Chalmers, Alternate Reality Storyteller Brian McGaw of Occurrent Arts, DIY Dynamic Headlight Maker Matt Richardson, Graphic Designer Aaron Wood, and Stop Frame Electric Bike Builder George Schnakenberg III of Infinite Collective.

I’ll host the event with the Sycons DJ’ing. Monday, March 11, 11:00AM -12:00PM, Next Stage.

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