Watching RVV, Flanders


RVV on a Little Screen

Wasn’t that long ago when all the racing we got to watch was on VHS that a dude with a Satellite recorded from Europe. Those tapes got passed around, grabbed out of trunks, and whisked home like contraband. Now it’s with a live stream, Twitter, and blogs.

We’re following along with a Eurosport feed, and the RVV + Flanders hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. There’s more marketing and excitement than usual, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Flanders. Also the post-Lance era mood in the industry. Bummer too that when we tune in, Boonen is down and out.


And to watch it too visit Cyclingfans or Steephill and pick a stream. Pro tip: ignore the install flash ads and click the little X when they pop up. It’ll show up a few seconds later. You wouldn’t see the stream at all, if you didn’t have flash.

Spring 13: Vanmoof, District, TriColor

The three Randonneurs I saw on the ride yesterday indicates another rite of Spring: the test ride. Maybe they had a new crank, mapping system, or working on their cadence. They were out there going about 15 mph on steel bikes with panniers. Up into Magnolia, down, and back up to Queen Anne, I spotted a couple Vanmoofs at a boutique store and then a wood-trimmed district.


Boom Tube


Sitting in the sun waiting for a ride, also noticed the Italian flair on the back on my Vittorias. Didn’t notice that before!

Italian Flair

Tomorrow, after watching the last hour of Flanders stream and posting some Suffer Faces, another ride. Then deciding which commemorative beer to open first.

A Retro-Visionary Merckx for Paris-Roubaix: Rock Shox & 650B

merckx 650B roubaix side

Here’s a titanium Eddy Merckx (built by Litespeed) converted to 650B tires and mounting up a Rock Shox Paris-Roubaix fork. Owning such a Rock Shox fork myself, I strongly suspect that the 650Bx38mm tyres would be more of a benefit than 25mm of suspension if taking over the whole P-R route, but over the worst of the pave the tyres and fork together would probably both be welcome. This is bike was assembled as a homage of the suspension road bikes used by professional teams at Paris-Roubaix. In fact, the race was won by a Merckx frame with a Rock Shox fork in 1994, but the frame was steel and none of the bikes in the modern era have used 650B tyres.

Suspension forks, seatposts, and even full-suspension road frames were a flash in the pan at Paris-Roubaix during the early 1990s. Heavily influenced by the nascent mountain bike industry, road suspension had three straight victories in the spring classic but also several spectacular failures. Later on a Belgian team, whose frame supplier forbid suspension, had the race in a stranglehold for years. Other than an elastomer bumper/pivotless suspension seatstay (not to be confused with elastomeric vibration dampers such as Specialized’s “Zerts”) a few years ago, suspension designs utterly disappeared from Paris-Roubaix in the early 00s.

For a history of suspension bikes at Paris-Roubaix and the professional riders using them, check out this post from last year.

Speed Update: Even Faster

Over the weekend, we’re turning on Google Page Speed Service to deliver our blog with more blazing speed. Engine Hosting is already fast, with PSS it’s even faster: 15% decrease in load time and a 30% faster speed index. Singe your nose hairs with it now on our dev server.

A Glass Explorer with a Bike

glass with shades

Glass with Sportwear

Didn’t really have a Glass action plan if picked and responded to their #ifihadglass hashtag campaign because of my interests and posts about Heads-up displays. Also joked about how Glass maybe Google’s Segway. Then last night, Project Glass invites me into their Glass Explorer program. They did so based on this idea.

ifihadglass would share with you how a bike is made from concept, to welding, to assembly, and then the first ride.

Glass as a Frame

A HUD project on a frame

For 7 years we’ve mostly ridden around, taken photos, and shared them here. Mostly. Also featured handbuilt bikes, so the statement above is an obvious application and use of a wearable computer. Thinking ahead to apps though, will Glass show me what how fast and far I’ve ridden? Sure, the Smith Recons do that now.

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