Snow Bike World Championship

While we were riding single track and groomed nordic trails at resorts, the Snow Biking World Championship was held and Team Einstein nearly swept the podium.

Ride and Record with Project Glass

How It Feels through Project Glass on a bike at 1:05. If I hadn’t ridden with Smith Recons recently, probably wouldn’t see so much Glass potential to disrupt how we interact with computers. HUPs connected to your smartphones will show you at a glance metrics, a bike dash cam, and another level of silver boxes on your head that record your awesome ride or race. Alternatively, you could roam the earth wearing a pair until you record the next meteor strike with your life dashcam.


Micro optic display for goggles, eyewear next

Smith wouldn’t confirm or deny that they’re working on miniaturizing the MOD further with Recon to fit an eyeshade, but I expect they are. If they aren’t, someone else is.

My take on Glass is the photomapping I do, where I attached geocoded photos to a Google Map of my rides. It’s a manual process, quite a bit of work, and requires one hand off the bar to get the shots. Doing it distraction free, with more focus on the road in front of me? For a bike blogger like me, HUDs are a killer app.

Shimano Di2 Hydraulic Discs Spotted

CX with Da Discs

Di2 Discs

It’s not the want, desire, or that they’re finally ready for prime time that’s going to sell disc brakes on road bikes for customers or NOT. It’s how they sound. The screech will either annoy you or you’ll have to just block it out of your mind. picks up the story of a CX racer who tweeted his Di2 Hydro setup. That tweet has since been removed and it reminded me to write about racing discs at CX Worlds.

I now love/hate them. If you recall, I was racing the grassy-mud horse in Louisville and in those conditions, they worked exceptionally well. I never used the front brake and rode that bike until it froze up. With cowbellls deafening all other sounds, I didn’t care so much about the grating screech it made. Just that when I grabbed a handful of brake, they worked.


Grinded to a halt, but the brakes worked!

In fast grass crits, where speed is scrubbed, nuanced, and brakes barely tapped, I want a rim brake. Hyrdaulics won’t replace the immediate feedback of a pad into a rim. They also don’t work when your rim and bike is frozen like Han Solo in carbonite.

A touring, rain bike and a Dura-Ace level? Sure. Welcome it for the rainy conditions we ride in, if the sound isn’t deafening.

Parlee Z-Zero BB

Parlee BB

Z-Zero BB

Demo bikes come and go at Hugga HQ and the Parlee is one I def miss. This photo was spotted in their Flickr photostream.

SRAM Rise Wheelsets

Other than the internally geared variety, SRAM isn’t really known for making hubs, and in this age of “wheel systems” it’s not likely that SRAM is going to offer up high-end hubs a la carte. But the aesthetics of the hubs on their Rise mtb wheels please me. The black-ano, straight-pull flange design reminds me of the Mavic Classics hubs that I’ve re-laced to Hed Belgian rims. I like to use Sapim spokes too. On the other hand, Sapim is the only company that produces a good selection of straight-pull spokes, so it’s not like there’s a choice if you’re going to make hubs that take straight pull spoke (DT does offer them too but not in as wide a variety). Easton, Hed, and Zipp also make extensive use of Sapim spokes.

DT-Swiss 240s straight-pull center lock disc hubs As new carbon mtb rims from Enve and now SRAM have established themselves in the market, I let go of my reservations over their durability. In my experience on the bikes I’ve worked on, these rims truly are strong enough for racing and training. But if I don’t worry about them splintering apart underneath riders, I still am fearful of one aspect of these wheels: their price. I could almost buy 2 pairs of Stan’s NoTubes Crest rims and lace them to DT straight-pull hubs for the cost of a set of carbon mtb wheels, and the Stan’s Crest rim weighs the same. I just discovered that DT makes those straight-pull hubs, and I can get them in Center Lock-style disc mount. I hate Torx-head bolts, such as used to affix 6-bolt rotors. Center Lock rotors (or 6-bolt rotor with the better adapters) go on & off really quick the proper tool. Finally, since my current plan is to build up a 650B bike, SRAM doesn’t (yet?) offer the Rise 60 in that size.

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