Photojojo’s iPhone Bikepod

*bikepod mount*

Handlebar QR mount

Our friends at Photojojo found another cool camera gadget. I’m already using and recommending their iPhone lens kit. Now they’re selling a Bikepod kit. It includes a quick-release mount for your handlebar that attaches to a tripod clamp and costs $45.00. You can purchase just the Bikepod that attaches to any camera’s tripod mount for $25.00.

Tripod Clamp

Handlebar QT with Tripod mount


Mounted on the bar and ready for the ride

For bloggers, bikes and cameras go together like beer and, well, bikes. I’m taking the Bikepod with me, and more new gear, to SXSW next week.

Single Track High Screenings

Screenings for Single Track High started this month and today at Specialized HQ in Morgan Hill. The film documents student athletes of the NorCal High School Cycling League, the kids who ride.

I met and rode with one of the film makers last year.

SXCycles Bike Share: Free Rides

SXCycles Bike Share

Register for your free ride now. Cause what we really want to do at SXSW – what we’re street marketing in a sophisticated campaign – is ride bikes in Austin with like-minded folks like you.

That’s the extent of it really. There are names on it, sponsors, and supporters; sure, but it’s just us and bikes. The folding ones from Tern are free for you to ride.

Just Riding Along and DEER!

It was a deer at Monster Cross, not as dramatic as the Buck in Africa but still a DEER on course. The Hodala crew should reenact these videos as feats of strength! Can you get pass the deer, antelope, maybe a Wooly Mammoth?

Helmet of Justice

This is less a black-box for bikes and more a motion-sensor activated, POV, 360-degree helmet cam, but the Chaotic Moon’s thinking and design is right on. Port the cameras out into a bolt-on system for any helmet, drop the prices, and there’s a sweet-spot for commuters. This is like the dash-cam idea I wrote about in considering what to do with Project Glass. For the Helmet of Justice, I’d just want a switch that activated it when in motion and not just upon impact. The company that made it is based in Austin too. We’re there next weekend.

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