Ding a Clown

ding the clown

Ding a clown

A photo uploaded to Flickr by shireye and included in the 100 Bicycles project.

Riding the Storm Out 12

Visibility Low

Visibility Low

It was 40 degrees and raining sideways along the Puget Sound coastline. Cedars bent to the will of the wind, and we rode North on the Lower Magnolia Loop. With an eye on the clouds we stayed ahead of the rain until we turned back South, returning to Alki and met up with @mzsitka. She didn’t want to get cold so we didn’t chat for too long.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

When the rain struck our faces in sheets like cold wet-naps, my choice in kit worked well. Nanoflex bib tights and a Gabba combined with an eVent shell made a neutral microclimate that beaded up good. The bootie-boots setup didn’t allow any soak through either.

Tights beaded up

Beaded up good, with the DWR doing its job

This ride is Photomapped on Google. It was a level down from the last time I #rodeinit. In the shower, when the secondary embro warmth tingled the thighs, I thought, that was a good ride.

The Spokesmen #93 – Chamois Sniffers

Episode 93 is available and we discuss Tips for Listening to The Spokesmen, Happy Birthday JK Starley!, the UCI, and is doping rampant throughout cycling?

A Visit From Andy


One of the coffee shops I own is nestled inside the aisles of the awesome Piermont Bicycle Connection, a shop that carries bikes from Cervelo, Cannondale, Scott and others. At Interbike this year Piermont and BMC got together and now the shop is carrying the full range of BMC bikes again.

It’s not uncommon for the sales reps to show up for meetings (and we’ve got a nice large community table for them to use) but imagine my surprise when a visit from the BMC reps this week yielded not only the local sales guys but the owners of BMC, including Andy Rihs.

Now it might not seem surprising for the owner of a company to pop into a dealer, but in the case of Rihs, I found it particularly impressive. After all, some media outlets report his net worth at more than 6.5 billion (US) and he runs a handful of large corporations. This, to some degree, would be like Bill Gates stopping by a Best Buy to see how Windows 8 was doing.

Okay, BMC dealerships aren’t as common as big box computer stores, but you’d think (or I would have up until he walked in) that someone with so much to do would delegate shop visits to someone at a lower pay grade.

Also impressive to me was how he (and the whole staff) took the time to say hello to everyone working in the store and shaking everyone’s hand.

But then again you don’t make a lot of money running companies by letting the little details slide by.

(Note: Despite the grumy look on his face, Rihs was actually jovial, funny and smiling from ear-to-ear.)

Plushie into a Pole

Plushie into a Pole

Maybe he was deciding between the Chicken Wrap or Combo and wham! Spotted in Toronto by Martinho

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