Zen Ride with a Hard Climb

Here’s the dl on a ride in Lesser Seattle. It’s called the Zen Ride because of it’s peaceful route with minimal traffic. This version adds a hard climb. You’ll ride up, over, and along the Duwamish Greenbelt in the most industrial parts of the City. If you’re visiting Seattle enjoy it. You may see a local or two. I rode it at dusk with lights.

concrete plant

Concrete mixers

After Alki and the Harbor, you’ll pass a concrete plant. Occasionally dump trucks will salute you on Detroit Avenue.

Saluting dump trucks

Up this riser toward the freeways, right, and another climb.


Riser toward the freeways

A fast descent past the galvanization plant.

Galvanization plant

Down past the galvanization plant

Then the hard climb.

Hard climb

Hard climb

Keep to the right in the residential neighborhoods back down towards Fauntleroy and then head back to Alki to finish. At tempo, it’s 1.5 hour ride.

King Tide Ride

Storm Debris

Rode along the debris filled beach near Lincoln Park after the King Tides. Read more about those on the West Seattle Blog.

A Red Bicycle for Christmas

SYSTM of an iPhone Case

With a cushioning feature name that sounds like a pr0n moron and his sidekick who trolls Reddit all day, Incase launches new iPhone cases. They’re nice and described with words like, “Poron and XRD. ” I change cases like shoes. One for walking around, another on the bike, in the jersey pocket, and a Kickstand for the desk.

The all-caps, vowel-missing SYSTM slips on/off easy and adds considerable heft to the phone. Clumsy or drop prone? The Chisel will protect it for sure, but it’s not waterproof. Most of the urban photos I take, like Tree Goat or Men Without Tights are while I’m riding. It’s reassuring to have a hardshell case protecting the phone. The Chisel sells for $34.95 direct and for $29.98 from AMZ.

Medium Bicycles: Hozan C-205


Hozan lockring tool

Well made, steady in the hand, and when used, the Hozan C-205 means I’ve either started or ended a trip. It tightens and loosens S&S couplings on travel bikes. Also beautifully simple and a good analogy to what’s going on at Medium. Described as the editorial page of the Internet or a new continent of content online, I’m spending some time writing there and this photo is my second post. In the first, I describe Medium, introduce my collection there and one about bicycles.

Still working on the big idea to post though.

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