Winter of 1974

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The lede for this story was

School Children, Were Forced to Use Their Bicycles on Field Trips During the Fuel Crisis in the Winter of 1974. There Was Not Enough Gasoline for School Buses to Be Used for Extra-Curricular Activities, Even During the Dark and Rainy Weather

Today that same bike is being ridden and more popular than ever. 74 was the year of the fuel crisis and when Specialized was founded. Redline made history too and containers of bikes would arrive from overseas and get sold on the spot.

Listen y’all: the 650-BEEyotch is gonna eighty-six the Twenty-6

MTB wheel size comparison chart

BRAIN (the online & print media otherwise known as Bicycle Retailer And Industry News) has reported from the bicycle heartland (in case you didn’t know, that’s Taichung, Taiwan) that the ubiquitous 26” wheel standard will draw its last breath in the next product year, as the 650B wheel size aka 27.5” will devour the market. Well, to be exact, BRAIN predicts that 26” will survive in entry-level bikes and full-on downhill bikes, 29er will be about XC hardtail and short-travel FS, and 650B will dominate market share of the rest.

Byron went ape-s**t over the fickle “standards” that industry bandies about and discussed it with his huge fan base on Facebook and G+, the Twitter too. Others complain about how 650B is the latest gimmick to sell bikes to a gullible consumer market. Let me give you my take on this:

Win Excellent Prizes from Taiwan

Our friends at TAITRA asked us to mention their new contests on Facebook and apps.

Prizes include a GIANT TCR Advanced SL 0 ISP bicycle, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, and HTC One X.

Proof of LeMond Doping

Sad but true, folks, cycling legend and anti-doping crusader Greg Lemond was caught on video in the 90’s using illegal performance enhancing substances, and then trying to cross the border to prevent detection.

It’s a sad day.

Revolights: Hugga After Dark

It’s full-blown winter here in New York, and while that doesn’t preclude riding, it does make it a lot more likely that my rides will be in the dark. That usually means night rides with Glenn and his Monkey Lights but I find them too heavy and much more suitable for side-impact protection than being seen from behind or in the front.

That’s why I picked up a set of Revolights. They’re relatively light, super cool looking in a Tron-meets-road-warrior sort of way, and provide nice front and rear visibility.

If you haven’t heard of Revolights, here’s the elevator pitch: Bike lights mounted to the wheels that keep time with the speed of the cyclist casting a nice bright light at the bottom edge of the wheel and onto the road.

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