GO KARL! And Cat 4 Cross Racing

If America’s Funniest Videos, did a segment on Cat 4 Cross Racing, this video would win. Blows a solo hole shot and then there’s a massive pileup on the wide-open section of the course.


Are You Fing Blind, BRO! It Wet Bro!

face plant concrete

Chandler’s body imprint in concrete

Not since Don’t Steal Bikes Bro, has a catch phrase with Bro in it had the potential to catch on more, maybe even trend on twitter: #youblindbro? Like, how could you NOT see that was wet concrete? Well, Salvador, seen in the photo next to Chandler’s body print, was fired the next day for failing to put out traffic cones. He was yelling IT WET BRO at cyclists who also rode into the wet concrete. How was there not a webcam on the scene, beaming a comedic stream to America’s Funniest Videos?

'nago in Concrete

As the story was told to me after this photo was seen in Facebook feeds and Twitter

This happened on the Highline canal trail east of Havana. I was riding into the sun, came around a bend, saw some dark concrete and next thing I knew I was flying thru the air. Landed in wet concrete. The guy in the picture with my body imprint is Salvador. He was the first one who spoke to me and it was “Are you fucking blind bro?!”. “Are you an idiot?” “cant you see its wet?” I responded with “where are the cones and tape?!” His response was “you cant see its wet bro?”


Capo in Concrete

Capo in Concrete

Also seen on Stevil’s blog and Adventure Journal.

Cambariere Bicycle Sidecar

Juan Pablo Cambariere designed and built this beautiful sidecar. Note the steering wheel for the kids too.

For the kids and cargo

For the kids and cargo

A little steering wheel too

Juan released the designs so other builders can make sidecars too. He’s built three so far and is a Buenos Aires based artist and designer.

Redhook Recovery Jersey From GageDesoto

The Redhook section of Brooklyn is a vital ecosystem for the cycling community. One of the country’s best crit series is run in Redhook, the coffee roasters Stumptown (which my own coffee shop uses) and Brooklyn Roasting Company is right around the corner.

Also in Redhook is Gage+Desoto, which is part design firm, part bicycle fan store and part bike scene. And they got clobbered in Sandy, albeit not as hard as some other folks. (As they say on their blog “While we moved everything as high off the floor as we could, Sandy bested us by a few crucial inches. Needless to say, tons of merchandise was damaged.”

The G+D folks are regular visitors at my shop, we’ve had a number of really nice conversations about cycling and about doing some work together, and I consider them friends.

Which is why I’m pretty stoked about the Gage+Desoto Redhook Recovery jersey. Available as a short sleeve men’s/women’s jersey or a long-sleeve winter jersey (men’s only) the jersey is a very limited edition, provided by Castelli.

As the order page explains

All profits from these jerseys will be split between the Red Hook Initiative (RHI) and Restore Red Hook (RRH). The RHI–an established community center–is operating as the critical organizer of relief efforts. Since then, Restore Red Hook has also been set up to help the many devastated small businesses of Red Hook reopen their doors as soon as possible.

Even if you’re not philanthropic you have to admit that this is one hot looking jersey. Sales end December 1, so jump on them while they last.

Nalini Winter Kit

Italian style

Italian style

At the high end of the market, just like bikes, there really isn’t a shootout to do. It comes down to fit, styling, and the brands that appeal to you the most. Also, what’s in your local bike shop. This season I’ve worn and reviewed Castelli, Gore, and Rapha. Nalini’s winter kit just arrived with a Showerspass jacket this week. Nalini is Italian and at Interbike, earlier in the year, they had the best looking stuff. This kit didn’t make the cut into the Wired feature I wrote, so I wanted to follow up on it later. The quality of the materials is noticeable to the eye and when worn. The fit is snug, as you’d expect from the Italians. Try Italian kit on and wear it when you’re in shape or use it to motivate yourself to get in better shape. And damn it do I wish I was in better shape!

I get this awesome package of stuff in all I can muster is a weak 45 minute ride of sadness. I am forced to imagine what it is like to do a long ride in it, as I limp around my living room trying to determine how warm the Windproofing is. Kit like this is made for all-day, epic riding, not just spinning by the local off-leash, dog park.

4-needle construction and detailing like this

4-needle construction and detailing like this

With the changes in the market after Gore’s monopoly was broken by eVent and others, many types of fabrics are available to “provide an optimal climate for the body”; or in other words, the microclimates I’ve been writing about and wishing I was out riding in. Like, my fat friend Jim just did with Moots.

No wind is getting throught that fabric

Little to no cold wind is getting through that fabric

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