Double Landing!


Double Landing!

Something interesting always happens on a ride. This afternoon, out for a spin, and some CX drills. Roll up onto a grassy knoll and dismount right as a flock of geese (technically a skein) fly over my head and land in front of me. Then turn in a defensive posture. I came to all stop, snapped the photo, remounted, and rode away. Amazed.

Seattle CX 7: Stupid Rocks

*Finally some mud*

Finally some mud this season

Dismounted, ran, and stepped onto a rock with an injured ankle. So ended lap one of Seattle Cyclocross #7 and that series finale. A descent into an off-camber climb is where the action took place, right in front of the beer garden. That’s where I spent the last hour watching the Cat 3s race and hanging out.

Descend into a turn and off camber climb

Descend into a turn, up an off-camber climb, then another descent, across a rocky section that punctured many tires


Rubber boots

Enjoy the ride

The ride was enjoyed

Duck-face pringles heckling

Duckface Pringles heckling

The way the sun came out after a rainy week made for a good day, regardless of the racing or results.

See these photos in high-rez and lightboxed on G+ and Flickr.

Seattle Biotech Bike Bridge



To the left and below this overpass are tracks that carry airplanes, passengers, and freight to and from the port. The globe in the distance used to turn when the Seattle PI printed papers.



Ride across from Myrtle Edwards Park to Lower Queen Anne and back, between the buildings of a biotech park and the Cheezburger Network.



Another Roadside Find: Turkey Dinner

Turkey Dinner

This roadside find resulted in considerable discussion. How did it end up here? A crazy uncle showed up at dinner, caused an argument, and threw it outside? If so, how did it get on the bike path? Fly off the top of a car? The turkey dinner would have to travel over an embankment if so. Was it on the back of a cargo bike and lost? Don’t know, but that’s one of the weirder roadside finds and like the socks, it wasn’t brought home.

Note the Officer Rosco Purvis Coltrane clip-on, mirrored shades too. WTF was going on with this Thanksgiving?

Another Roadside Find: Socks


Lost socks

Riding up the 1st Ave Bridge, turning back towards West Seattle from South Park first saw these socks and then this Recycled Cyclist.

Recycled Cycles

Recycled Cycles

He stopped to say hello, ask directions, and we asked if he’d lost his socks. “No.” Suggested a route to Kent, continued on our way, and hoped whoever did lose their socks finds them. We left them behind. It’s getting cold outside.

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