A Modern Family Man Races Cross

Raced in the afternoon and then rode around with his son at MFG Cross Magnuson Park. A good day for a family man.

Tape Rubber

Tape Rubber



See more photos from Magnuson on G+ and Flickr.

Cinelli Grammo, ti dye, and a titanium mug


Cinelli Grammo Art stem & Snow Peak titanium mug

The Cinelli Grammo stem was made in the 1990s. Formed from folded and welded sheet titanium, it is one of the most distinctive designs ever made. Early versions were quill stems for the 26.4mm traditional Cinelli standard handlebar diameter; later versions had the more common 26.0mm clamp. Less common were Pista (quill, 67deg rather than 72deg extension), mtb (quill, 25.4mm clamp) and Ahead versions for road (1” and less commonly 1-1/8”). The most striking version was the Art series of anodized finishes; there were three different patterns: purple/blue/pink stripes, pink/gold tiger, and a pink/gold/blue cloud. Titanium anodizing is a process where the titanium is exposed to a high voltage while immersed in electrolytic solution; the colour is determined by depth of the oxide layer which is dependent on voltage used.

I recently acquired a Grammo Art for my 1996 Bianchi EL/OS; the bike is just filthy posh now. About the same time I also got a titanium mug from Snow Peak. I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t realize that they were available in anodized titanium before I ordered. However, maybe I can try a little DIY anodizing:

Cinelli Grammo Art stem

Bradley Wiggins and Liam Gallagher of OASIS

In a surprise announcement last month at the GQ awards in London, Liam Gallagher announced that Brit cyclist Bradley Wiggins would replace his brother Noel Gallagher as guitarist for the band OASIS. After collecting a TdF yellow jersey and an Olympic gold medal, the mod-styled Wiggins was a natural choice. To celebrate the union, Wiggins and Gallagher began a wild brawl backstage leading to Wiggins refusing to return to the stage and Gallagher breaking a bicycle. Shortly before midnight, Wiggins posted a statement online “with some sadness and great relief…I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer”.


Lance and Late Night Comedians

Lance in Happier Days

Happier times on a RAGBRAI ride

After my ankle injury flared in the warmup laps, didn’t race yesterday. Was feeling like a loser not lining up with a number on my back, but then wait! I’ve got the same amount of Tour wins as Lance Armstrong.

Thanks Chris Rock on Twitter! That joke, and I expect more from late night comedians, comes on the day Lance was officially stripped of his 7 Tour titles. The Guardian UK attended the presser, reported live, with notes related to the case; including a nod to Kimmage and Inrng.

So far it’s as predicted. Armstrong scrubbed from history. UCI and McQuaid sticking to their guns.

Juliet Macur covered the UCI’s announcement, so did AP, and Kristen Armstrong says she’s “sorry to disappoint” for being a Dope Mom. As @stevebouey said to me,

There are now two gaps in the Tour’s long, storied history. One for war and the other for Lance.

I ranted more on this topic on the Spokesmen and the podcast is now available for a listen and download. I’ve been asked recently why I had so much skin in the game on this topic, was it personal or a vendetta? Neither. The reason is what David Walsh wrote in Sports Illustrated today

The truth was never hard to find in this story. You only had to be interested in looking.

Few were or did. As Neil says in the podcast, Bicycling admitted to not pursing the story because they didn’t want to lose advertiser dollars. Defending my commentary on a Facebook post, Marcus Connery wrote

It’s bloggers that do not have huge advertising budgets to protect, boards of directors with personal relationships to protect, and want to get the real information out to the masses, which is what journalism should be, and used to be, before it became just another business.

Lance, as we learn, was just another business too. A corrupt one. For him to lie, deny, deny, deny and then expect us to believe that’s all washed clean by sophisticated marketing, like a confessional to a consumer priest wearing a Nike swoosh, is the biggest issue now.

Yellow isn’t that strong of a color.

Light and Motion Taz1200


Whether you are a recreational, sporting, or commuter cyclist, now that the fall equinox is but a dim memory you will find less daylight to ride. The good news is that the market for light systems continually improves. Light & Motion debuts a new Taz series of multipurpose headlights. The Taz800 and Taz1200 take the multiple LED format of the the performance series Seca (review of the Seca 800) and combines it with the best features of the commuter-targeted Urban series light, specifically amber sidelights, USB charging, and all-in-one body.

I’ve been testing the Taz1200, which like all Light & Motion, gets its name from the actual number of lumens it produces maximally; this is a f****** bright light. What’s more, the 3 LEDs are complimented by the specially shaped back mirrors and diffused lower half lens, giving a broad and fairly even beam which is a lot easier to see by than a searing single point of light. The Taz has 3 different output levels (high, 50%,25%, plus a flash & pulse mode) that are accessed sequentially by one of the two buttons atop the unit; hold down the button to shut off. The second button independently controls the amber sidelight (constant, pulsing, off). These are an absolutely brilliant safety option when you ride city streets, warding off the dreaded side street t-bone, but for offroad riding you can turn the sidelights off if you find them distracting. The The USB charge port is located on the unit’s underside just ahead of the stout looking rubber mounting strap. The Taz series, like the Urban series, uses a micro-USB receptacle, and a short power cord is included in the retail package. The main button on top is translucent so an LED can give charge status, for both on the bike usage and during recharging. At full burn 1200 lumens, the light gives about 90min; 6hrs at 25%. At $299, this isn’t cheap per se, but the Taz1200 is a system several orders of magnitude above even the best AA cell-powered headlight.

Light & Motion TAZ1200

Light & Motion TAZ1200

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