Google Conference Bike Halloween


Conference Bike Halloween

Heard that Google had a conference bike on campus, but hadn’t seen it yet. Bradley Horowitz posted a photo of Googlers in costume on it today and that looks like fun.

Put a big bag of candy in the center and toss it out to the chitlins.

Riding A Hurricane

Bikes are always ridden by people braving the conditions to survey their surroundings, challenge mother nature, and get work done. We’re gathering photos and videos from Sandy on a new Tumblr. Those include a ride through a flooded street with FDNY cheering and this funny Dutch Bike CNN photobomb.

Rescue bike

Photo by W.D. Vanlue.

As the bike industry saying goes, “Bicycles are like the cockroaches of transportation in natural disasters.” Last year in Portland, Transport Land staged disaster response drills with cargo bikes. In Japan after the Tsunami bike boom, people are still riding their bikes. Earlier this year, we learned that the once-lowly bike is popular in countries like Greece facing austerity measures after the debt crisis.

That all you got, Storm?

I’ve ridden in all kinds of weather and posted about in 07. I compared the decisions to ride to that scene in Forrest Gump with Lieutenant Dan and the storm. I’ve foolhardily challenged the winds, rain, and snow to throw more at me. You call that a storm with your golfball-sized hail? Pffft my wife throws ice cubes at me when I’m on the trainer at home!

You do the same? When I see the photos and videos of cyclists riding a hurricane, I know if that storm hit here, I’d do exactly the same thing.

Sandpit Frau, Honey Stinger, Cowbells at SCX 4

When Halloween is near, Cyclocross is raced in costume. At Sprinker Rec Center, SCX 4 this weekend, Sandpit Frau and Honey Stinger were popular. So were Marvin the Martian, White Trash, and the Centurion seen on G+ and Flickr.

Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger

Sand Pit Frau


Replacement Ref

Cowbell fashion was also seen. When hip-hop artists start wearing ‘em, know that the cowbell bling started here first.


Bluejeans and Brass Cowbells, like the cover of a country LP

Cowbell bling, brah

That cowbell feels like a midget is hanging from my necklace

Gore Gets Microclimates with Active Shell


Well tailored and designed

Gore Bike Wear finally gets microclimates, 45 degrees, and raining. Competition from eVent forced them to reinnovate too. They’re developing and marketing more jackets that aren’t too hot or clammy. When you start the ride, the jackets are breezy until operating temperature. Earlier this year, in late rainy season, I posted about the Gabba from Castelli that combines 3 layers I wear into one jacket. This year I’ve got Trasparente Due Wind Jersey FZ in on test without the water-resistant layer and the new Xenon 2.0 AS Jacket. The Trasparente is like the Gabba, very comfortable and warm, but not for the wettest days.


Trasparente from Castelli

The Xenon is for the cool weather or pre-race laps on the course when it’s drizzling. You can also pack it up small into your jersey pocket. With any breathable fabric, it works best when you’re working, generating heat, and have air flowing over you. You can get into trouble real quick, if you stop too long to fix a flat or mechanical. For the colder days, I’ll wear the Gabba or the Trasparente and pack the Xenon for emergencies.

Packs up small

Packs up small

Tortilla Test

Test Tortilla

Mentioned the Tortilla Test a few times in posts and on Twitter. The crusty corn one used to test is shown here at the ready for another ride.

Put a dry tortilla in the back pocket of a “breathable” jacket. If it’s fresh and moist by the end of the ride, it’s passed the Tortilla Test.

The Gabba, Trasparente, and Xenon all pass the test. So does the eVent jackets I wear too. I’m wearing eVent on the coldest days now with wool underneath.

For another take on Gore’s Active Shell, see this post about how it’s an enigma.

Logan Owen Fifth at Tabor


Curtis White, Logan Owen, Cody Kaiser, and Yannick Eckmann training in Tabor, Czech

When we last posted on Logan, he won Starcrossed, one of the biggest races of Cross Season in the Pacific Northwest. He’s in Europe now on the World Cup schedule and placed 5th at Tabor last weekend. That result puts him the front row in the next World Cup this Sunday in Plzen. Joe Holmes asked Logan, “how was that?!” and he said

We woke up to a foggy morning here in Tabor. After breakfast, we rode down to the course, pre-rode it and began to make decisions on tires and pressure. I changed my mind about running the Challenge Griffos as the course became much slicker than yesterday when we pre rode the course. I ended up switching to the Challenge Limus tire. Then I did my warm up and headed over to the start/finish stretch to do the usual ride up and down the straight and run a little. I was 4th call up and my teammate, Curtis White, was 5th call up. We started the race and I was 4th into the first turn and Curtis was 2nd. A third of the way through the first lap the reigning Junior World Champion, Mathieu Van Der Poel, attacked and put a gap on everyone else. I immediately tried to get around the 2 guys in front of me and tried to bridge the gap. By the time we got to the top of the course, 3/4 of the lap, I closed the gap back down to 3 seconds with 10 riders in tow. When we hit the start/ finish stretch he had opened it back up to 13 seconds on Quinten Hermans of Belgium and I. So I swung off to let him pull. He ended up riding me off his wheel at the end of the 2nd lap as I couldn’t recover from chasing Van Der Poel. Less then 1/4 of a lap later a group of 4 passed me and I ended up yo- yoing off the back of that group the rest of the race. I finally recovered enough to make contact again with that group with 400 meters left and was able to out sprint a Belgian and a Swiss kid for 5th place, only a bike length from getting on the podium. Curtis ended up finishing 29th after some bad luck. I was sort of happy with this result but realized that I am going to have to work even harder if I want to win Worlds in February. I would like to thank Tete de la Course Cycling, Redline Bicycles, Geoff Proctor, Michel and everyone at USA Cycling for making my road to Kentucky 2013 possible. – via Tete de la Course cycling.

Logan is working now for Kentucky and we’re planning on being there too. He’s on a 13 Redline Conquest. Mark V profiled the 2012 version last year.

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