Riding the Sprawl


Once a farm that fed the Alaskan Gold Rush

When developers sprawl farmland, we ride the new pavement before the houses get built and cars take over.


Carbon bikes, fast wheels, in an empty intersection

Sprinting through an empty intersection on bikes with fast wheels, Arcade Fire plays, and I’m a modern man.

Seen at Eurobike: Thule’s Pack ‘n Pedal


That’s one loaded up whip

Thule launched Pack ‘n Pedal today. That’s a modular platform that includes a new handlebar mount with various accessories and high-end panniers with racks from their recent acquisition Freeload. Inside the panniers are hardshell zones to protect electronics and the bags are attached with magnets.

magnets, how they work?

Held with Magnets


Thule’s new handlebar mount

To market the new line, Thule made a series of six documentaries about cyclists called, “How I Roll.”

Thule committing that level of budget, industrial design, and marketing to a new line is a strong indication of the continued growth of cycling and Thule’s belief in the bike. Very interested by Pack ‘n Pedal, we’ve requested samples and should have the bags by Interbike.

See more high-rez photos on G+ and Flickr.

Seen at Eurobike: Biologic Joule 3

Joule 3

Joule III is a shiny, power-generating hub

This new Biologic Joule 3 arrived at Hugga HQ a few weeks ago and Tern is demoing it today at Eurobike. Eurobike is like the CES of the European bike industry and next month is Interbike for the North American market. As you can see in that photo, the Joule is significantly improved and much shinier than the version I rode with in Maui last year. The Joule II worked well powering the Reecharge case and the iPhone in it while I rode, but was a bit bulky and creaked on the road when engaged in power mode. As Tern’s PR told me

The BioLogic Joule 3 is the most up-to-date Dynamo hub on offer as it’s smaller, lighter, more efficient and powerful than any other available right now.

After lacing this dynamo hub to another wheel, I’ll ride it in Maui again. The full product details haven’t been released, but expect pricing at $150.00.


The Joule 3 just won a EuroBike award in the Design category.

EB award

The now award-winning Joule

Titanium Spork

Snow Peak Spork

Recently I’ve been picking up titanium doodads for the helluvit, and the camping market seems to love the wonder metal. I got a titanium spork from Snow Peak. Besides the fact that I love saying the word “spork”, it’s effing titanium! Titanium’s whisper light weight and invulnerability to corrosion lends itself well to camping enthusiasts. And of course, by combining a spoon with a fork, you can reduce the load you have to carry further but still have the best of both worlds.

However, one should remember to not overstep the natural boundaries of the world, because the consequences would be terrifying:


Fliz Sling Bike

Now for something completely different! An inverted Dandy Horse. How ‘bout just make a Skuut for adults in flat-packed pine and ship it with an allen key, like an Ikea bike?


HT Cyclelicious

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