Hotel Bike No. 7

No. 7

Visited Watertown Hotel in Seattle to photograph their fleet bikes and went out for a ride with a staffer.

Kanoelani Barlow picked No. 7 from the rack and had fun.

riding having fun

Having fun on a bike

Kanoe told me they offer the bikes to their guests because of demand. People like to visit Seattle, the U-District, and ride the Burke-Gilman. Hotel 5, The Maxwell, and University Inn all offer Torker T300s now.


Fill that rack with snacks from Pike’s Place

Seeing how their just-expanded fleets works, I thought that’s something cyclists should demand everywhere, a free hotel bike to use during their stay. Last time we were in the Napa Valley, the Bardessono had Orbeas.

Mark V Texts About New Gear

While totally bummed out by LA and the state of the sport, Mark V is like, “hey homie, got some NEW GEAR for Cross!” He’s been texting to distract me with shoes, tires, and some new cleaner from SWEDEN!

Giro MTB

Tufo file and mud tread


Bike Shine from Motorex

It’s freakin’ tested for carbon.

Busta dropped new music this week too. Turning that up.

Lance the Persecuted

Saint Lance of Austin, Patron Saint of the Persecuted

For me, a bully playing a victim is the most unhinged, unsettling aspect of this sad sports story. The news about it continues today with a Velonation Travis Tygart interview.

He knows all the evidence as well and he knows the truth, and so the smarter move on his part is to attempt to hide behind baseless accusations of process.

WADA weight in

I think that’s disappointing … He’s never gone before a tribunal. There’s never been a hearing related to this behaviour, so what is he tired of?

And the NYT gives us a timeline with Juliet Macur noting

He overcame the odds to beat the disease. He then showed amazing strength and resilience by returning to cycling to win the Tour in 1999, gaining a mass of followers with almost a gravitational pull. They idolized him for showing that cancer could not stop him.

I’m also feeling it for the web developer who’s searching and replacing 7 Time Tour de France winner with_________.

Saint Lance image is courtesy of Sal Ruibal. It’s from a USA Today cover story he wrote in 01.

Lance Armstrong Quits Fighting

In a statement to the AP this evening, Lance Armstrong said enough is enough, he wasn’t going to fight the USADA, and indicated that his fans should have faith.

There comes a point in every man’s life when he has to say, “Enough is enough.” For me, that time is now.

Calling the USADA investigation against him an unconstitutional witch hunt, he continued

I have been dealing with claims that I cheated and had an unfair advantage in winning my seven Tours since 1999. The toll this has taken on my family and my work for our foundation and on me leads me to where I am today - finished with this nonsense.

As the AP reporter notes, that certainly means the USADA will treat his statement as an admission of guilt and proceed with their case against him recommending a lifetime ban and strip his titles. What the UCI will do is another matter. The sport is in turmoil with Judge Sparks writing, as he threw Lance’s lawsuit against the USADA out

As mystifying as USADA’s election to proceed at this date and in this manner may be, it is equally perplexing that these three national and international bodies are apparently unable to work together to accomplish their shared goal — the regulation and promotion of cycling. However, if these bodies wish to damage the image of their sport through bitter infighting, they will have to do so without the involvement of the United States courts.

USA Cycling’s late-breaking show of support for UCI, and apparent opposition to USADA’s proceeding, indicates there’s more drama to come. A possible outcome is the USADA bans Lance and the UCI refuses to uphold it citing their jurisdiction.

As I’ve mentioned before, whether you think Lance doped or not, of grave concern is the governance of the sport. I’ve heard that USA Cycling is in disarray.

The AP concludes their story with this statement from Lance’s testimony during a trial regarding the 5 million dollar bonus he received for winning the TDF

It’s not about money for me. It’s also about the faith that people have put in me over the years.

People have faith yes, but when it comes to the sport, it’s absolutely about the money.

Lance’s full statement is available on his website.

AEG Bike: Central Motor Drive System


AEG’s new e-bike motor

AEG held a Eurobike press conference today to show off their new central motor drive system. From my earlier posts, also based on their PR, I find this very interesting. Unlike other electric motors that either push or pull the cyclist, this one may work with their legs like the Stokemonkey. Of all the e-bikes I’ve ridden, I’d argue the system that works the best is one that works with your legs and is centered in the crank.

Crank-based assist

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