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Well that looks hard.

Your Own Personal Giro Winner


Andy Hampsten is the first American winner of the Giro d’Italia (1988), winner of the prestigious L’Alpe d’Huez stage in the 1992 Tour de France, and a founding member of iconic electro-pop group Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode’s 1990 release Violator sold over 4.5million units in the United States alone.

For the Fifty Shades of Mud: Reynolds 66

For the rougher, rockier terrain and when it gets real sloppy on the course, I’ll race on these Reynolds 66s. For the fifty shades of mud we get here in the Pacific Northwest, they’re setup with Challenge Limus in the front and Griffo in the rear.

That Swirl Lip Generator induces Soil liquefaction

Soil liquéfaction inducer

The Swirl Lip Generator on the 66s should induce soil liquefaction with the mud sliding right off the wheel. The deep v shape means short spokes and a very stiff wheel that goes exactly where I point it.

Reynolds Hub

Deep v shape, short spokes, stiff and stable


Bring it on mud

While at Press Camp 12 earlier this year, Paul Lew talked with me about the demands of Cross, disc brakes, and braking surfaces. Also see another interview with Paul about carbon clinchers.

Hotspur with Mad Fiber

A Fiber Ride

Putting some miles in on the Hotspur with Mad Fibers before the first cross race

That’s the Hotspur shown with a thousand gram wheelset that costs about 3K, with no weight limit. Impressive features for a wheel that isn’t made with a modern aerodynamic shape. They are light and blowy, like a Subaru WRX to an Volvo XC70. You want to spin up fast with a rough ride around corners or roll the open road at top speed? I’d throw these into turn of the local crit without hesitation and use another wheelset for a road race. Built on stout, smooth hubs, the Mad Fibers have no drift in turns and corner like they’re on rails.

In a couple weeks, Mark V will tear those Contis off and glue up another set of Cross tires.

mad fiber with fork

Sound just like Spinergy Rev-Xs did, just lighter and tighter

In a Cross race is where I expect the fibers to excel because it doesn’t take much effort to spin them up repeatedly. Like I told Rik, “I’m going to ride the shit out of these wheels.”

The Lancesplanation

A few customers just walked into my coffee shop, looked at the photo on the wall that is not Lance and started to talk about him. This time the boyfriend of the two “explained” to his girlfriend what was up with Lance.

Cross race

“He lost all of his medals and his tour wins since like 2000.”

“Why?” she asked surprised.

“They asked him to do something and he didn’t want to do it. He had until like two A.M. on one day to do the thing but he didn’t. So they took his medals away.”

Uh. Okay.

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