Press Camp 12: Kamas Loop

After traveling with Tern last week, I’m now riding and testing bikes in Park City for PressCamp.

tern SLC


Arrived early yesterday and rode the Kamas loop.

rails to trails

Historic Rails to Trails

It starts with a rails to trails section, a long hard climb, country roads, and back through a canyon.

hardest part of the ride

Long, hard climb

caad 10

I rode a Cannondale CAAD 10 on the loop. I’ll ride more ‘dales and other bikes for the test of this week, with photos, videos, and posts to follow.

Huggacast 148: Toronto Summer With Olmo

For this Huggacast, a short film from Martin Reis that closed Built at NXNEi 12.

trolly at your head

In Toronto near trolley tracks

Watch now on YouTube or download the video file.

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Meanwhile in Portland

Meanwhile in Portland, they’re riding around dressed like their favorite Star Wars and Star Trek characters.

Soma Tradesmen: Downsized, Light-Duty Cargo

soma tradesmen 1

Our downsized cargo bike – for the lighter loads and no passengers

For this Fathers Day, a post about the end of an era. Last night, Mark V rode off with the Bettie 2.5. He’s going to disassemble it, pack it up carefully, and ship it to a new owner. Glad we found a good home for a cargo bike that transported the family, the products we make, and replaced a car.

soma tradesmen 2

A cargo bike so fun, take the long way home

Downsizing Cargo

As the kids got older and bigger, they outgrew the Bettie in the loads it can handle and being seen on it. What was once fun for us when they were little became a chore when they demanded I drop them off a block away, then not even close. Like empty nesters, we’ve simplified and downsized what we ride to a Soma Tradesmen. It’s like trading in a mini-van for a small-sized car. Instead of lumbering around like driving a van, I’m zipping around on the Tradesmen and taking the long way home.

soma tradesmen 3

Delivering mail, packages, and riding around

Note: USPS touts are provided for merchants that use their services frequently, as we do. No we did not steal those. You can put whatever you want on the front of the Tradesmen.

See more Soma Tradesmen photos lightboxed on G+ and Flickr.


Most futuristic bicycle concepts concentrates on the bike itself but not the interaction between the bike & rider. This concept is a result of an investigation into the possibilities and challenges of a bicycle-human hybrid.

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