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Keeping Your Skratch Fresh

Best way to keep your 1-lb bag of Secret Drink Mix fresh? With a Clip-n-Seal.

That white plastic thing hanging off the side of a 1 lb bag of Skratch is a Clip-n-Seal.

One of our readers and Clip-n-Seal fans sent us this photo of Skratch Labs Everyday Hydration Mix in his pantry. Clip-n-Seal is a bag clip that the parent company of Bike Hugger, Textura Design, invented and brought to market a decade ago. It’s quite the little bag clip that’s flown in space, been frozen in Antartica, and used in the production of carbon wheels like ENVE.

Really. Try it yourself on your Skratch, chips, coffee or whatever else you need to keep fresh.

Proper MCA Tribute

Unmoored by MCA’s death, didn’t know yet what to write or say…This blog and what we do here and elsewhere were defined, in part, by the Beastie Boys. Just like a generation was. When the news broke, saw images like this on Facebook


Photo by April Dawne in Austin

and all I could muster at the time was a status message on G+

Feel like smashing a TV in a smoke-filled room, while cracking open cheap beers, and walking around with a fish eye lens camera. Effects set to polarize.

Then we went on vacation. Back now and to this

The best tribute.


Sabotage with the wife, kids, and nephew from James Winters

Car Companies Selling Bikes

A few weeks ago, the millennial’s buying habits we’re written about and how the automotive industry was in a panic. Car makers don’t know how to market to a generation that doesn’t care too much about cars. I confirmed this trend with my teens that don’t equate their social standing with the name brand of car they drive or will drive. I’ve also posted about many car-branded bikes, like BMW, Porsche, Mini, and more. That’s not new, of course, Volvo and Volkswagen were in the sport and now VW is back sponsoring USA Cycling.

An Audi e-bike

Even though more Americans are riding bikes, the industry remains flat and has for nearly two decades. I predict we’ll see more efforts to attract buyers and a new generation of buyers into showrooms by car companies. The automotive industry has the dealer network, engineering prowess, and budgets to make a next-gen, bike consumers will want. If it’s not at the high-end like Audi’s Wörthersee, then maybe a Hummer Montague folding bike brand.

How’s a failed car brand a hit in Japan? The WSJ writes about the trend today

GM brands are hot among Japanese bike buyers. Compared with the battleship gray or dull black utilitarian bikes stacked outside Japanese train stations and supermarkets, GM-brand bikes cut a more exciting profile—because of their mountain-bike styling, prominent logos and vivid colors. Bicycles with GM logos are sold at more than 3,000 retailers in Japan.

“Hummer is the top seller by far. It stands out on a crowded bike rack,” said Takuji Motoki, who manages the Import Bicycle Factory outlet here. “It’s an aspiration-driven purchase. Most people who buy a Hummer bike could never buy a real Hummer.”

How a Raleigh Bicycle Was Made in 1945

This video is from the British Film Council and shows the Raleigh Bicycle factory in 1945. Of course, they don’t make bikes like that anymore and few in the UK. While in the UK a few years ago, we toured the Moulton factory, where they still make bikes and 14 Bike Co.

mad men marketing bikes

Mad Men Marketing bikes

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