Built at NXNEi Poster

Built at NXNEi 12 poster

A poster announcing our trip to Toronto and the next stop for Built. See you there. We’re talking about the web, making things, the bike, and riding all over.

If you’re there too and got something you want to share, we’re still accepting talks.

Thanks to Dahn for the artwork.

Watch for Zebras While Cycling


A street person asleep in the bike lane under 99, along the Seattle waterfront

Seen many street people in my rides, but one asleep in the middle of the lane was different. Like a human sharrow.

Just Riding Along: Snap, Crackle, Pop!

A risk analyst likely has a formula to determine the rate of failures based on amount of bikes ridden and for how long – we’ve got a fleet of bikes at Hugga HQ and ride them almost daily.

What I know is after two ride-stopping failures in a week, I’m even more diligent about checking my equipment before a ride. Like a pilot of a plane; especially when I’m heading out for a long ride or race. Both of these failures are unusual, but they happen. In the past year, I’ve been in two races where I rode through the shrapnel of an exploded tire.

First a fork cracked at the tip.

jra one

Crack starts middle of the fork at the tip

Maybe it was from stresses induced by the roof-top rack or something else happened either when riding it or when it was manufactured. Heard it snap and carbon makes a very distinctive crackling sound when it goes.

Then this tire sidewall ripped apart. Never seen that happen before.

Did a snake bite that?

We were just riding along and POP! That fork is out of warranty and Reynolds doesn’t make them anymore. I’ve shared the tire photo with the manufacture and remembered the “tubeless incident” from last year.

DeLorean Bicycles

Seems like some investors noticed too how car companies we’re selling bikes and attached an infamous car brand to a bike, in this instance DeLorean. I didn’t see 1.21 gigawatts mentioned anywhere in the marketing copy, but they are road bikes with hydraulic disc brakes. With the 11-speed, electronic shifting, and the right training, you can probably hit 88 miles and hour.


Aside from the name, the story here is stainless steel from Sarto. Not an easy material to work with and probably 1/2 the cost of that build in Italian labor and $5,500.00 price tag.

delorean 2 Note: a bike like this, or an over-the-top Cross bike, a good local builder can make you.

delorean 3

The DeLoreans were shown earlier this year at NAHBS. If these sell, maybe another investor group could make a Tucker bike that was a cruiser shaped like a torpedo and had a crazy, directional headlamp on it.

Bike to Work 12: Ride with the Mayor

mayor ride 1

Mayor McGinn and a yellow vest guy

Rode with the Mayor of Seattle to celebrate Bike to Work Day this morning. Got out a bit late for the 7:45 AM meet time, so TT’d over on the Soma Tradesmen.

mayor ride 2

Strava this workout!

At each commuter station, asked the attendants to just toss the schwag in the buckets.

mayor ride 3

A well-traveled bag

Then at City Hall we heard speeches and met other commuters like these two with bike style.

mayor ride 4

Outrageously photogenic couple

Hung out with the Cascade crew and they unveiled their new Eco-Totem.

mayor ride 5

Mr. Cascade

After coffee with SeaBikeBlog, introduced myself to Neodandi (though not dressed for it), rode back, and saw the Trippy Space Van.

mayor ride 6

Fashion in Pioneer Square

Also a cyclist with a Travoy Trailer.

See the rest of the photos light boxed on G+ or Flickr.

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