Quad-Lock iPhone Bike Mount Review

Industrial design on the Quad-Lock iPhone mount is good; a cleat with a shoe is smart and so is the rubber band attachment method. The fit, finish, and packaging are also well done. Only issue is no waterproofing or protection. I suggest the designers skip the wall and desk mount accessories in another rev for the bike to focus on weatherproofing and protecting your phone.

quad-lock 1

Your phone within touching distance

As another successful Kickstarter project, it’s great to see the Quad-Lock come to market and into a reviewer’s hands; it’s unsettling to use though, cause your smartphone is exposed to the elements.

This Bike is a Saw

After reading this on Twitter

Cable was sawing through a beetle, slowly with each shift. Went up and down the cassette twice to complete the task. Shifting normal again.

Sal Ruibal replied

That reads like a Kafka haiku.

And wrote…

I did not notice the beetle’s presence upon my machine’s slope. I first heard its moan like the wisp of steam above a cup of tea.

When the road turned downward and I pushed the silver lever so, waiting for the sound of the moving chain being lifted onto the larger circle of teeth, the moan became a groan, so light as to be a fairy’s pique over some silly meadow game.

As machine and man soared down the slope I took my eyes from the road to discern an unusual sight, a shiny black beetle trapped between the control wire and the frame, a thin silver cord pressed hard against its iridescent shell.

On Assignment: 12 Kit

That’s Jenny Dallas in an iPhone photo from our photoshoot today near Hugga HQ.


We’re shot our new 12 kit, getting ready for Cross season. The cap, socks, and jersey are all available on Amazon.com. Also the best gear we’ve made.

Elliott Bay Like Glass

Out late for a ride last night, near twilight, and Elliott Bay in Seattle looked like this.

like glass

One of our followers on G+ said,

That’s rate slick cam: right slick and calm.

See where we ride on Panoramio and this photo is in our Almost Daily album on G+ and photomapped on Google.

Rode with a Traitor and a Venge

Rode plenty over the weekend, including a trip to the U-District on this Traitor.

memorial day ride 3

Traitor downtown

Had the Luggernaut in the garage for a while and it was nice to get on it for a chill ride. The next day took this photo with @sgluckman rolling by on Jones Road.

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